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Tesla updates its electric cars with Steam Gaming and Apple Music


Tesla has started rolling out its big holiday update to its Model S, 3, X, and Y. Among other things, there are apps for Apple Music and Steam Gaming, as well as revised Dog Mode.

Maybe I’m getting old because I find it weird to update a car with new features and bug fixes. But that’s probably the way of things. Surely at some point this process will be as normal as updating a smartphone. Tesla is leading the way, giving its popular S, 3, X, and Y-series electric cars a major holiday upgrade. Among other things, it offers an app for Apple Music, which can finally be used to use the popular music streaming service in Tesla. However, access to over 100 million songs and over 30,000 playlists requires premium connectivity for music streaming. To stay briefly in the audio segment, there are rumors that Dolby Atmos 3D sound will soon be supported in smart cars, but only marginally.

Steam games with controller, mouse and keyboard

Steam for Tesla is still in beta.  This makes it easier to explain crashes etc.  =)
Steam for Tesla is still in beta. This makes it easier to explain crashes etc. =)

It is much more important that the update (version number 2022.44.25.1) allows access to the Steam video game portal. However, Steam is only available on the S and X models from 2022 as they have 16GB of RAM. Steam also requires premium connectivity. The gaming platform can be accessed through the application launcher in the gaming area. But there are also limitations. Only Steam Deck certified games can be played on the infotainment system because it is based on the same AMD RDNA 2 hardware. You can play with a controller or “classically” with a mouse and keyboard. So if you want to rappel with your relatives at Christmas dinner, you can entertain yourself in your Tesla.

Watchdog with a difference

The update gives clients many more features, some of which are really useful (but also completely superfluous). In the revised guard or dog mode, the interior camera can also be accessed via the app. Tesla with Hardware 3 and Premium access required. All information about the new update can also be found here here in a full changelog.

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