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Texas President asserts that "Texas Eyes" will continue to be played in the game

Texas President asserts that “Texas Eyes” will continue to be played in the game

Texas Longhorns will play “Texas Eyes” after a football match throughout the season, even if the Longhorn band does not play in the match against Baylor on Saturday.

The university’s president, Jay Hartszel, said in a statement Wednesday that the school had no plans for the band to appear in Baylor’s game. Daily Texan, a message sent by director Scott Hannah to band members, said a survey of band members about school songs revealed that the band wouldn’t play because they “did not have the instruments they needed.” Reported earlier. The band hasn’t played in the match yet this season, and “The Eyes” is played on a loudspeaker system.

This summer, Texas players sought to remove the song, citing its origins at the 1903 Minstrel Show featuring blackface performers. Texas coach Tom Harman and players have been discussing “The Eyes” repeatedly since the match against Oklahoma on October 10. Cotton bowl.After the game is over, quarterback only Sam Elinger Several coaches remained on the field to play the song, while others went to the locker room.

“‘Texas Eyes’ will be played this weekend, as it is done throughout the season, and will continue to be played in upcoming games and events,” Hazel said. “I want the band to be with the fans in every game, but the fans didn’t plan to play live this Saturday. Many to make the campus a more comfortable place this summer. I knew I would face a difficult conversation with .. I have been very positive for so many Longhorns over the last 120 years, finding a way to join together around our songs I’m really optimistic. “

Harman said on Monday that players were not obliged to stay after the match to play “The Eyes,” but athletic director Chris del Conte expected them to stay on the field last week for a song. I told the player that I was doing it.

“The only understanding I have is that as coaches, we encouraged them to thank and respect their fans,” Harman said on Monday. “It was repeated by Chris del Conte until late last week …. Cotton Bowl, bandless songs, and when the songs were late, I honestly told you a lot of confusion. I think it was. After the match. Because it’s a home game, I know exactly where to go and what to do, and my expectations and encouragement are the same as they were a few months ago. “