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That's what the new feature is all about.

That’s what the new feature is all about.

Whatsapp is rolling out a new feature that may seem familiar to many from other places. Image: dpa / Fabian Sommer


Jannik Sauer

Talking to yourself is not only possible in the real world, but also in chat rooms. Messaging services like Slack or Signal have the function of opening a chat with yourself. Slack jokingly writes: “You are welcome to discuss things with yourself here. Just remember that you are on both sides of the entertainment Will be responsible.”

Many users have long understood how practical such a chat with themselves can be. For example, it is good for taking notes or writing shopping lists. Also, voice messages or links can be checked before they are forwarded to the actual recipients.

Update in the coming weeks

Because they have recognized the value of such internal dialogue rooms, the aforementioned messengers also rely on this feature. Now Platzhirsch wants it too WhatsApp squeeze. In the next few weeks, the feature called “Message yourself” should be available to everyone Android and iOS devices are unlocked, reports among other things “technological crisis”.

Although you could already chat with yourself on Whatsapp, the path was a bit cumbersome. Officially, he directed through the separate link Many other resourceful users have signed up to your smartphone just save yourself as a contact and open a new chat about it.

Your own chat in the future with just a few clicks

But now it should be easier. After the update, WhatsApp users are automatically seen at the top of the app’s contact list when they start a new chat. With one click on it, you can easily send yourself messages in the future.

Copying features from competitors is common in the world of technology.

Copying features from competitors is common in the world of technology.Image: dpa / Sven Hoppe

It’s nothing new for app developers to look at the competition and copy their popular features. Instagram, which, like WhatsApp, belongs to Facebook’s parent company, Meta, is the best example of this. Originally launched as a photography platform, this continues business more and more in short videos, probably also because competitors like Snapchat or Tiktok are having great success with them.

Whatsapp is also traditionally inspired by diligence. The company recently announced its own avatars, customizable comic images of users. in the competitor Apple they’ve been around for a long time, they’re called Memojis there.