Samsung has indulged in a momentous scandal this year that is driving even the South Korean company’s most loyal customers to Apple’s iPhone. In a street poll, loyal Samsung customers have now revealed why they switched to the iPhone.

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Cell phone suffocation: Samsung has lost confidence

Samsung phones are extremely popular in South Korea, the company’s home country, and have a huge following. Many citizens are proud of the company and are happy to support it by purchasing the hardware. But Samsung can’t afford to do everything there, either. The strangling scandal was too much. Regular customers in South Korea, who have undoubtedly always used new Samsung mobile phones, they felt cheated according to a small street survey and now they are looking for the Apple iPhone (Font: SamMobile).

The scandal surrounding the “Game Optimization Service” is usually given as the reason., which limited more than 10,000 apps and games without users’ knowledge. GPU and CPU performance was reduced so that users could not access the full potential of the smartphone. According to Samsung, this was done to prevent overheating. But the loss of confidence was there and interest in home country and other markets is significantly lower. The future will show if many people really want to change now or if it’s just a few customers.

The app accelerator was also active on the Samsung Galaxy S22 (Plus):

Software update removed application limitation

In response to the scandal, Samsung admitted released an update quickly, which can be used to turn off the app throttle when the smartphone needs to be used to its full potential, but that didn’t convince everyone. Many loyal Samsung customers in South Korea, who have only bought Galaxy phones for years, are now increasingly turning to an iPhone and want to stick with it. Getting them back will be very difficult.