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That's why you shouldn't take your cell phone to the bathroom with you

That’s why you shouldn’t take your cell phone to the bathroom with you

There is hardly an area of ​​life where the smartphone is not used. It is also usually present in the toilet. But that shouldn’t be said, because the experts say.

That Smartphone it is usually in the bathroom. But that’s not a particularly good idea. Because Smart phones they are real bacteria traps. About him Monitor there are often more germs playing than in the Bathroomhygiene expert Constanze Wendt explained to the technology news portal “Techbook”.

Even washing your hands is not enough. Because between the smartphone and the bathroom there is a “bacteria-Circle “. Both in the PracticalMonitor just as germs frolic in the bathroom. Who Practical in the bathroom, it ensures that germs and bacteria can settle in it. And especially in the bathroom, a lot of water and dirt particles fly through the air.

If you avoid the need to wash your hands, there is even the risk that E. coli, that is, intestinal bacteria, will appear on the screen. And they are contagious.

Be careful with public or hospital toilets

It would be better to do without the cell phone in the bathroom, especially in public toilets and hospital bathrooms, where many resistant germs can frolic.

If you want to disable the bacteria trap, you must 1. wash your hands and 2. disinfect the mobile phone screen thoroughly. Or do without the cell phone in the bathroom altogether.

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