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The 12 best mobile games for 2 players



Smash tanks

Sharpen: Multiplayer board / card game

Smash Tanks is a 1v1 AR game where you set up your zone in the real world and watch it as the board fills with buildings, trees, and more. Colored tanks can be placed, deployed, and used around the map, attacking each other and using the environment to your advantage. Smash Tanks is a really fun two-player game with a nice cartoon aesthetic that’s why it’s earning a spot among the best two-player mobile games.


Otter duel

Otter duel

Duel Otters is another great entry on this list! This game pits you and another player, on the same device, playing various mini-games and quick duels, hoping to score against each other and score more points. Whether it’s defending a target or quick clicking, this game can get really competitive despite its cute looks.



Sharpen: Multiplayer, Racing


Drive Ahead is a two player vehicle arena game where you can control fun and exotic vehicles, everyday items like motorcycles, wheeled boats and more! You can ride your cart to the sides of the ice rink, land on your opponent, and try to make sure they don’t survive. If you prefer not to destroy your friend, there is also a cooperative mode so that the two of you can help each other. Give it a try and see for yourself why it won a spot in the best 2 player mobile games.


Crossy road

Developer: A whale lover

Sharpen: Arcade, platform

Crossy road

Although you have played Crossy Road alone, there is actually split multiplayer in this game, where you and your friend can move forward, dodge obstacles, and break records. Being fast is the key, but you have to be careful. If you have many Crossy Road gaming experience-You may like to destroy your friends in the game.


Ninja Fruit

editor: Halfbrick Studios

Sharpen: Occasional job

Ninja Fruit

Another classic with split mode, Fruit Ninja has a 2 player split screen mode! With only half the screen, you and your friend will cut the fruit in the hope that you don’t drop it under the screen. You have three souls in this mode, and it is similar to the normal Fruit Ninja, which means that you will get more points with combos and you will have to keep an eye out for bombs. Did you know Fruit Ninja is 10 years old?



Sharpen: Card / table game, strategy


Santorini is a good digital game launch, where you have to build a tower on the third level and have one of your characters there before your opponent does the same. Each pawn can move and build each turn, but the other player can claim three turns, even if you build them. You will need to think tactically and make sure your moves don’t lead your opponent to victory.


Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Developer: Blizzard Entertainment

editor: Blizzard Entertainment

Sharpen: Card Warrior, RPG, Strategy

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone is a very popular two-player card game on PC and mobile devices, in which you compete against another player with Playing cards and your hero! These cards can be collected and decorated over time, so having a good core can help you destroy your friend if you invest time in the game. These cards can attack and defend, but what you’re looking to hit is actually the other player’s hero symbol. It is a complex game but I really enjoy it. The variety of gameplay and the random elements that make each game different has earned this game a spot on our list of the best two-player mobile games.


Fixed blast out of the box

Sharpen: Casual, multiplayer

Fixed blast out of the box

If you’re looking for a quick game to play, Ready Steady Bang is a quick one-on-one showdown where you have to wait to hear your blast before you can touch the screen and shoot. It’s tense, because they’re both using the same device, directly in front of each other’s screen. You have to be quick, but smart … persistent … and resourceful! Have different times between rounds, always letting you guess while you wait for the voice of honor.


Golf battle

editor: Colin lin

Sharpen: sports

Golf battle

If you are looking for a more sporty game, Battle Golf is a one-on-one golf game for two players. Unlike a classic golf game, this version is not very boring. You will run to get a hole in one, on screen your enemy will try to do the same, but sometimes the holes are so narrow. On top of octopuses, on top of large islands, on the back of a whale, Battle Golf will keep you on your toes.


Hockey blaze 2

Hockey blaze 2

If you don’t have an air hockey table, but you want to play air hockey, then Glow Hockey 2 is the game for you. You can grab your pinch and start punching, without having to go out into an aisle or restaurant, hoping to score against your opponent. Glow Hockey 2 has a cool neon look and the game is very responsive, which is great considering the simplicity.



Developer: Frogmind Games

editor: Frogmind Games

Sharpen: Conspiracy


Badland is mobile side scrolling software with a really sleek and collaborative split screen graphic style, which in my opinion is a good thing not to add to this list. You and your friend can play these levels, solve them together and help each other. If you complete the game, you can also create your own levels and share them with your other friends!

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Bulgur bros

Bulgur bros

Burgle Bros is a board game, a perfect stealth game for two players, in which you and your team try to steal a seat. You will have to flip the tiles, look for the dangers and hope to find the safe, open a lock and take a look, as well as get it out of the level without being caught by guards and alarms. It is a fun game that is also in fashion.

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