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The 6 applications that you must have yes or yes on your cell phone


Our Android devices have access to more than a million applications through the Play store, practically any application that we imagine is already available to download in your store.

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Despite this large catalog of applications that Google Play offers us, in the end, most users end up using the same applications on our phones and tablets, which in all these years have become essential, like Instagram, Facebook or Whatsapp.

The 6 applications that you must have yes or yes on your cell phone

1 – Gmail

It is by default the best application to manage our mail, with its intelligent inbox that organizes us by categories and allows us to synchronize third-party service accounts.

2 – Google Maps

Google Maps is a web map application server owned by Alphabet Inc. It offers scrollable map images as well as satellite photos of the world and even the route. It is highly useful to know how to get to different destinations and in how long. In addition, it shows several transit options to do it: bicycle, public transport, on foot, by car, etc.

3 – Compu Work

It is an application both mobile and tablet or computer that, after registering, helps users to apply to job offers that are there. In addition, you have the possibility to build your profile with all the work experiences you had and you can upload your CV in PDF so that those who enter your profile can see it.

4 – Uber

It is an American company that provides its customers internationally with transport vehicles with driver, through its mobile application software.

5 – YouTube

It allows us to access the millions of videos that YouTubers and users have uploaded to the famous video portal. You can subscribe to their channels and discover the latest trends.

6 – Google lends

To transfer the photo of a recipe, card, note or whatever to text you need an OCR application (the acronym for Optical Character Recognition), which translates to optical character recognition. This is the name of the procedure that allows you to automatically digitize text from an image or PDF. This will allow the text of that photo to be used and then pasted into a sheet of Docs, Word or a notepad.

One of the tools available for this is Google Lens, which is integrated into several Google products, including Google Photos, which is pre-installed on Android devices and can also be downloaded, free of charge, from the Apple Store, on iPhones. or from the Play Store on Android.

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