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The Apple company will arrive soon with a new car


It has already come to light that Apple is about to start work on manufacturing its electric car. Information about the activities of the company is being given to the public again and again. It is also called iCar. After which it comes down to the question that when a car with the Apple logo hits the roads for the first time, then what is expected of it. A new presentation of Apple’s Electirc car may be everything we’ve been looking for.

Renderings of Apple’s electric car have appeared, courtesy of a car rental company called Vanrama. Of course, this has not been confirmed, as we have not revealed practically anything about the car yet. However, Wanrama has ensured that the design aligns with all the patents Apple has filed for the electric car to date.

Car design inspired by iPhones, MacBooks Which means that the designs seen in the images have been inspired by iPhones, MacBooks and other similar Apple products.

In the images we can see the minimalist design of the electric car by which Apple is known. The car parts are very smooth. The entire body of the car is a single, continuous unit rather than individual panels. The front door of the car opens forward and the rear door opens rearward. The car has larger wheels, with retractable door handles.

The best interior will be available in the car: The photos reveal the exquisite interiors, including a steering wheel designed like that of an F1 car. Previous reports suggested that Apple would launch the car with a fully automatic transmission. However, this is not expected to happen, as the company aims to launch an electric car in 2025.

We can also see pedals on the side, elegant and intelligent equipment and a perfect screen across the board. The concept mentions that Apple will equip it with Siri support, something we all hope to see in the Apple Car.

The concept design features Apple’s autonomous search and seat test form to display car seats. The design speaks of four swivel seats inside the car, which will line up facing each other like a living room setup. This will only be useful if the car really manages to drive itself.

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