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The Argentine fintech looking for 22 employees with very high salaries: $ 350,000 per month

The Argentine fintech looking for 22 employees with very high salaries: $ 350,000 per month

The sector of fintech It is in constant motion and this is also evident in the demand for employment. Wenance, an Argentine company that grants credits through its Mango and Welp brands. is in full search to fill 22 positions, with salaries between $ 200,000 and $ 350,000.

The company is looking for engineers backend Java for projects cash in and collect, induction digital, file and digital signature, cash in reactive and provide services for various countries where fintech operates, such as Spain and Mexico. Also profiles are sought for a payment method development project.

Within its value package, the fintech offers performance bonuses, three adjustments per year for inflation, advises on earnings, prepaid for the employee and his family group, three weeks of vacation, birthday day off, discount in gyms, access to training platforms and special prices for the purchase of notebooks, desktop PCs, tablets, accessories and services. In addition, it offers the opportunity for mobility within the organization.

“The fintechs we are opening incredible doors with the use of advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence. Also, with an innovative business that targets a consumer who is no longer forced to choose what is in the shelf but can take advantage of personalized services “, says Daniel Zuazaga, Development Manager of Wenance, a company of Argentine origin.

The company noted that the IT sector is constantly searching for talent. Every year between 5,000 and 10,000 positions remain unhedged. After the pandemic, the high demand for project development deepened the gap between professionals in demand and available.

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