Samsung and Google have long provided their smartphones with the latest version of Android. Now Xiaomi is also going live and has brought the Android 13 update to its top smartphone. But the whole story has a downside.


Xiaomi 12 Pro receives Android 13 update

Android 13 has been ready for months. While Google and Samsung have basically already provided all the relevant smartphones with the big update, Xiaomi is now starting slowly. In Germany, the Android 13 update with MIUI 13 is already available for the Xiaomi 12 Pro ready to download (Font: City Bremerhaven). It is the best current smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer. T models like the Xiaomi 12T Pro, which appeared a bit later, are cheaper and should be ranked below.

To get the update to Android 13 and MIUI 13, you must also don’t use tricks like changing region. That Xiaomi 12 Pro (Review) supplied in Germany. Innovations are more likely to be found under the hood, because MIUI 13 was already available for this smartphone. Xiaomi has now delivered Android 13 with a delay of a few months. MIUI 14that along with him Xiaomi 13 smartphones is published, it will probably come later on smartphones. Unlike other manufacturers, Xiaomi’s interface is independent of the Android version.

In the video we present the Xiaomi 12 Pro:

Many other Xiaomi smartphones are supplied

But that’s just the beginning. Over time, Xiaomi will supply many more smartphones with Android 13. However, the company has a somewhat limited upgrade guarantee. Only the best smartphones are guaranteed to get new versions of Android. One can only hope that other mid-range models get an update as well. But the strategy is also different, because Xiaomi is an updated MIUI interface is more important than the Android version.