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The best Android smartphone in years.

The best Android smartphone in years.

With the iPhone 4 I switched to Apple. I was already on the go with an iPod touch and company, but I always preferred Android. Then came a good and compact smartphone (also very high quality for 2010) with great technology.

The evolution of Android flagships

Android smartphones got bigger and heavier, a trend I really didn’t want to follow. Samsung set a new trend with the Note series, which was followed by Apple and company and now we are at almost 7 inches.


But Apple mostly treated the small iPhone like the big model, with a few exceptions (like the iPhone 12 Pro). The competition expanded its portfolio, but to be honest, a Galaxy S20 had nothing to do with an S20 Ultra anymore.

Then came the Apple Watch and for many years it was clear to me that I would stick with the iPhone because I have a compact flagship with about 6 inches. But I have the impression that there has been a rethink at Samsung in recent years.

Video: The Samsung Galaxy S22

The best Android smartphone currently

The “compact” models of Android manufacturers kept getting bigger and worse. A Pixel 6, for example, is almost a Pixel 6 Pro in terms of feel. But the Galaxy S series became more interesting again and the S22 was my highlight.

It’s a bit lighter and a bit more compact than an iPhone 13 Pro and it’s what I’ve come to expect from the Pixel 6 after the compact Pixel 5. But not only that, Samsung uses even better hardware than Google and has also introduced a better update policy. The normal Galaxy S22 is my recommendation.

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It’s very high quality and has one of the best screens, but without LTPO, so the battery life isn’t the best either. Standby mode is good, but when you use it, you realize there could be more to it. With the iPhone 13 Pro, which is just as big, I can get through the day much better right now.

Now I understand why Apple waited for LTPO technology.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Front

The new main camera is very good, the ultra wide camera is good, but the zoom is pretty average. Although I am used to the iPhone, it is also not very good, but the S22 Ultra is one of the best smartphones with camera zoom for me.

But everything else is there: IP certification, Qi, stereo speakers, UWB (ultra wide band), very good vibration motor, fast fingerprint sensor and a decent front camera. It’s a great flagship with no notable compromises.

It’s really just the zoom camera, like the iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Apple Iphone 13 Pro

For me, the Samsung Galaxy S22 is the Android iPhone. Same size, same good, also a bit more angular than previous models, no curved screen, very good upgrade policy. If I used Android, I would buy this model.

TO You can get the Samsung Galaxy S22 for less than 850 eurosmy version in matte black (very nice device) it is available, for example, for 849 euros directly from Amazon. In view of the past, this is not so cheap anymore, but in view of the competition and the 1000 euro flagships, it is actually very fair.

Especially since it is really unbeatable when it comes to update policy.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Android Apps

I underestimated the “normal” Model S’s this year because they kept getting worse for me. But with the Samsung Galaxy S22 you have done almost everything right. For me, it is the best Android flagship in recent years.

Oh, and finally a front without curved sides and with very thin and, above all, symmetrical (!) screen borders. A small hole at the top fits.

Now a good Android smartwatch and could imagine a change again. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is coming, let’s see what is possible with the Galaxy Watch 5 or Google Pixel Watch.

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