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The best Christmas gifts for gamers


It’s almost Christmas and you still don’t have a Christmas present for your favorite players? No problem, we know what people want. Our top gift suggestions, from custom gaming keyboards to gamer lights.

1. Custom Gaming Keyboard

The heart of any gaming setup (other than PC, of ​​course) is the keyboard. While most gamers build their PC themselves, the keyboard often depends on a simple, out-of-the-box solution. There are so many different ways to perfectly tailor a keyboard to your own needs.

How loud should the keystrokes sound? How hard do I have to press? How big should the keyboard be and most importantly: how about without RGB lighting?

Something has to fill the void left by the lack of LEGO kits for Christmas gifts. putting one together own keyboard he is a worthy candidate.

2. Nintendo Switch

In fact, it’s almost impossible for someone to not already own a Nintendo Switch. Nintendo’s handheld console is an absolute hit and continues to sell incredibly well. The Switch pays off as a console for comfortable gaming on the go and also as a mood-setter for your parties. Just dance with the family on New Year’s Eve, for example.

The wide selection of games on Switch is also decisive for this. From single player games (Hades, Pokémon) to party games (Mario Kart 8, Super Mario Party), everything is represented.

Since October 2021 there is a new version of Nintendo Switch, the OLED switch. The biggest difference is the slightly larger OLED screen, which provides a vibrant, high-contrast image. Also, a serial LAN port is finally installed on the dock in this version. Yes, that was missing from the regular Switch.

A Steam Deck would be an alternative for Switch. Unfortunately, as of today, this cannot be ordered in Switzerland.

3. Game room lighting

Fairy lights are part of the arcade as verbal gaffes are part of a good game of Fifa. The choice is diverse: Phillips Hue, Nanoleafs, RAZER Chroma Light Strip and many more.

I highly recommend Phillips Hue from personal experience. About him official website show you some examples of how the game room can be enlivened in terms of lighting technology.

4. Retro game console

For most of us, video game racing began a long time ago on old consoles. Be it GameCube, GameBoy or PlayStation. We miss you all. An emulator on the computer or cell phone usually can’t really revive the feeling of yesteryear. A portable device that can emulate these consoles would be incredibly cool. You should also be able to connect it to the TV via HDMI. Newsflash: This device exists.

Anbernic is a Chinese company specialized in the production of emulators. The selection is diverse, but all the products have one thing in common: they work incredibly well. my personal suggestion is this ANBERNIC RG353M. It supports tons of games, from Android games to PSP or GBA games. With MoonLight you can also stream games from PC to the emulator. It has an HDMI port and has a battery life of up to seven hours. What thing. Mommy, if you’re reading this, please buy me one.

5. Vouchers

If you’re not at all sure, there’s always the good old emergency fix voucher. There are plenty of options for players, too: either Steam credit or a coupon for an electronics store of your choice. You can never go wrong with coupons. except maybe one game stop-Coupon.


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