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The best mobile games for your mental health



My oasis

My Oasis is a relaxing and relaxing game about how to build your own little island. This island is not very big, it is not difficult or difficult to locate different areas within it. You can fill the island with trees, flowers and animals and watch it grow. You can interact by playing musical chords, which are very calm and soothing, they correspond to the calm world that continues to grow under your care.




Windosill is a collection of ten mysterious worlds, which function like puzzle or comic boxes, with small animations and interactive worlds, allowing you to tap places to see what you can discover. There is no wrong answer in this game, there is no big puzzle to solve or the timer stops. Instead, it’s an experience that you must play with, explore the world, and see what you can experience.


Raku Okapi

Raku Okapi

If you are a fan of sea otters and find the ocean relaxing, Rakko Ukabe allows you to attract wonderful otters to your island. You can leave them food, toys to play with and watch them slowly come to you and visit them for a short time, hoping to see you and get more rewards. While this is a collection of small amounts of play, Rakko Ukabe is cool and relaxing in its own way.



Developer: Water and ice games

editor: Water and ice games

Kind: simulation


Do you want plants but don’t have a green thumb or the slightest chance to keep them alive? vert You can take care of the plant, but if you forget it for a few days, weeks, months … it will not die. In fact, you can choose the decorations, the pot and the type of flower you want; This is a great game to hang out and grow something that will still survive, even if you don’t have time for it.


Ouzu, an interactive light show

Ouzu, an interactive light show

Uzu is not entirely a game, but more than just a game. A stunt game in which you play with colors, while points of light are flashing on the screen, allowing you to rotate, freeze and generally play with them. The colors, patterns, and shapes are comfortable and fun to play with, with no end goals, timer, or win situation. Just something colorful to watch and play with, like interacting with a cute color.

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