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The BRAWL TALK of MARCH new STU brawler and CRAZY news!


The BRAWL TALK of MARCH new STU brawler and CRAZY news!

Here it is, the long-awaited has finally arrived BRAWL TALK that will revolutionize Brawl Stars with the new STU brawler, a competitive Power League mode, and more. Below is the summary of the latest news announced by the last Brawl Talk!

Before continuing with all the news that will arrive on Brawl Stars, I invite you to watch this video tomorrow Sunday 06 March at 9:00 which will explain all the BRAWL TALK and it has been dubbed personally by me and it’s very nice trust me! I leave the video below:

New Brawler STU

Stu can be unlocked in the trophy path at 10,000 cups, along with his skin: Stu Superstar. Stu fires two projectiles from his fingers which deal 840 points of damage each with medium range.

If they hit the enemy, Stu instantly recharges his super. His super is very similar to Barryl’s super, a little shorter and faster, which allows him to knock enemies back.

New Star League mode – Power League

Power League is an unlockable competitive mode at 4500 cups in the trophy path and will replace Thirst for Power, which will be eliminated. It will be available for release for about 30 days, the search for opponents will not be based on your trophies but on the leagues and you can play alone or in a team.

The modes and maps will be chosen randomly during matchmaking, and afterwards a Brawler can be banned before playing. League match format will be best of 3, so whoever wins the most matches out of 3 gets the win!

In the Brawl Talk the new Challenge in footbrawl was shown. By completing the challenge, you get the Paris Saint Germain-themed Dynamike skin, while for each victory you will earn stellar points.

To unlock the skin you will have to win 9 games without losing 4. ATTENTION: If you lose 4 games, this time you can buy two more attempts through the gems. The skin will be available for purchase after this event in the 150 Gem Shop.

Also, Siege and Dominion will be added to the Map Marker!

New skins coming in March on Brawl Stars

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