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The broken marbles and the new fake news with the Acropolis


The marble fragments, of the countless that exist on the Acropolis, appeared after the demolition of a construction site near the Erechtheion. They were placed there for reasons unknown to the engineer who supervised their construction in the mid-1970s.

The fragments, of the known “scattered” of the Sacred Rock, were baptized by the destruction “Dawn” of a marble sculpture on the Acropolis with a compressor. The SYRIZA journalistic corps republishes fake news about the Acropolis.

The attempt by the official opposition party to find the works carried out in the Holy Rock vulnerable has already begun since it was announced that the old construction elevator will be replaced.

We proceeded to the new paving of corridors which, although made with a precision of one centimeter on the old ones, were baptized as “cement”. And he continues with each project, whichever is the smallest, that takes place on the Acropolis, as soon as he is informed by those who have “hired” this task. No intersection, that would light up the pile of fake news

The fact: at the Acropolis at this time, the works are being carried out within the framework of the plumbing works that are necessary so that the top of the hill, where the most important monuments are located, is not flooded. The projects have been planned for at least ten years and have absolutely nothing to do with the new layers.

Yesterday, in the area of ​​the plateau to the north, a work that had been built in 1975 for the Erechtheion works was dismantled and has remained there ever since. The engineer in charge at the time (it would be interesting to know his name) had placed the cabin on a strong layer of cement. Between the base of the hut and this layer, marble fragments were found yesterday. A participating scientist told Liberal that these were “pieces belonging to the precious scattered Acropolis.”

What are scattered? They are pieces of marble, of length-thickness from centimeters to a few meters. They come from the destruction of the Acropolis monuments over the centuries. Just think how many fractures caused by the Morosini eruption, which transformed so many columns and supernatural architectural pieces into pieces. The scattered ones have received special care, they have been collected in a special place, near and inside the old museum. Some parts have been identified, that is, we know from which point they came from which monument.

In fact, they are valuable, so one wonders how they were conquered between the cement and the base of a hut. But also how the scientist who provided them didn’t say so later, so they can be removed.

In any case, the marbles were already fragmented and their removal caused absolutely no damage. The main thing: no sculpture was found, but these small pieces of marble. That nobody knows at the moment, where they come from since they have not been studied.

After the dismantling of the cabin, the assistants had an unpleasant surprise. They saw that for the water drainage in that area, someone had drilled a hole in the walls! This was done as everything indicates at the same time of construction of the cabin, but without permission. So the second question: who did it? And because;

The third and most important question is why was the discovery of a marble fragment dubbed the destruction of a sculpture?

Let’s say before closing this topic that of course there were two archaeologists (one each day) during the two days that the removal of the cement lasted. And oh the miracle! The underlying rock has not suffered in the least! It reappeared in the light safe and sound – for those who complain about the paving.

The second problem Avgi discovered is this, he writes: “The highly publicized new sloping elevator, which was inaugurated with glory and honor by the Prime Minister himself, has unfortunately already started to present problems. According to valid information, there is a problem of overheating of a coil for a long time, so the elevator operation will stop until the specific component cools down ”.

Circles of the Greek company that collaborated with the Italian, jokingly said that this is a very important discovery, which shows a lot. But since they themselves don’t know there is a problem, they would ask anyone who knows what coil is suffering to let them know so they can fix it.

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