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Das Auto als Spielkonsole: Steam soll nächsten Monat im Tesla debütieren

The car as a game console: Steam plans to debut in the Tesla next month

Image: Tesla

As the CEO of Tesla Elon Musk announced via Twitter that the American automaker continues to take great strides to integrate the Steam game distribution platform into its vehicles. Therefore, a first demo of the gaming console on the Model S and Model X is already planned for next month.

PS5 computing power driving game console

With the current Model S and Model X, Tesla offers game consoles on wheels with a computing power of up to 10 TFLOPS, which are based on AMD Navi 23 and the still current RDNA 2 architecture.

The third generation of the infotainment system, also called the MCU (“Media Control Unit” in Tesla), uses a Ryzen CPU and a Radeon GPU, as well as 8 GB GDDR6 from Samsung in the Model S and Model X, that are connected with 128 bits

In terms of computing power, the current MCU3 rivals the PlayStation 5, which achieves 10.3 TFLOPS. Model 3 and Model Y series vehicles should also receive Steam integration if the MCU is installed accordingly.

Playing in the car is not without controversy

Until recently, Tesla even allowed gaming while driving, albeit only from the passenger seat. However, Tesla had recently prevented the “Passenger Play” feature on the Model S, X and Y Performance model series using an Over-The-Air (OTA) update and consequently restricted it to parked vehicles. The reason for this was a complaint with the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

what to do with the free time?

Gaming (or streaming) while parking, many automakers are currently looking for deals in this category, especially on electric vehicles. In the short term, customers should be offered a hobby to stay at the charging station. In the long term, however, it is also an offer for the phases in which the cars are on the road without the driver having to do anything.

In the current S-Class, for example, this is now possible in traffic jams at speeds of up to 60 km/h on motorways – provided that the driver can take responsibility again within a maximum of 10 seconds when prompted to do so. therefore, the vehicle allows you to engage in other activities in the “level 3 autonomy phase”, such as watching TV, writing emails or playing games.