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The composers of Celeste's "B-Sides" remain without pay for a year and a half - News

The composers of Celeste’s “B-Sides” remain without pay for a year and a half – News

While many disputes generally concern the working conditions of developers, Natalie Clayton, PC Gamer reporterreveals another that raises the question of royalties artists outside the studios. Released in 2018, the platform game Light blue featured songwriter Lena Raine for her sounds chiptune representing Madeline’s healing. The artist herself wanted to accompany the collaborators who remixed her compositions for the “B-Sides” levels of Matt Thorson’s game. However, he explains that tracking these seven artists They were a great job calculating the Bandcamp sales revenue share. By an archive of Twitter posts, confesses that despite his feeling of “responsibility“towards them, he felt that calling the specialized label Collective Matter seemed to be the best solution.

However, several of these artists have reported the total absence of payment from Materia Collective on the income from sales of compositions of “B-Sides” by Light blue since July 2019. Among them, 2 Mello it states having contacted the record company last October, but without having received any response since November. Agreeing to reply to PC Gamer, the artist affirms that in total, there are five of the seven composers who are in the same situation. Due to the snowball effect, Laura Intravia, composer of Destiny 2 also followed by the tag, trust It has not been paid for thirteen months. For its part, the Materia Collective label responded with apologies and questioned the difficulties encountered during 2020 for his small team. The press release also mentions the complexity of developing in-house software to enter artist data, a task that must therefore be done by hand. Given the magnitude of these accusations, the record company promises to resolve all these royalties in mid-February as well as a harvest so that this problem does not recur.

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