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The comps to win the new Dynamike skin!

The comps to win the new Dynamike skin!

PSG CUP Brawl Stars: The comps to win the new Dynamike skin!

The PSG CUP is coming to Brawl Stars and so it’s time to start figuring out which comps to use to win the new Dynamike skin.

First of all, we specify that there are no “universal” comps which allow you to win or have an advantage over the opponent always and in any case, but there are comps that by putting together the brawler “more in half” of the moment are able to play it against all other comps in a decent way.

With the help of the Community QLASH and of HowToWin among the Italian TOP players, we were able to develop these comps to help you pass the March PSG CUP without any problems. I would like to invite you to download the QLASH app, a platform for participation in events, with very interesting “bracket” tournament management if you are a real competitive player.

The meta of now is also based thanks to the introduction of Stu, on very aggressive brawlers, which values ​​teamwork a lot, it is therefore very important a space like discord or WhatsApp that allows you to talk to each other in real time to keep track of everything that is happening in the game.

Please note: the second brawler inserted in the comp is the MID of the formation.

Brawl Stadium Tactics and COMP


In Super Stadium lo Stu he should have no particular problems in winning the mid, since the map structure itself is practically made for him, but he must be very careful, in case the Nita in wool is crushed by one Bibi or a tank in general. In that case it is advisable for Stu to double down on Nita, possibly saving her from the opposing tank’s aggro push.

The Bibi instead he must use a style of play based on the match up against which he is against and the game situation in general, so if he takes himself into a more aggressive position, perhaps by pushando the opponent and taking care of himself with the gadget, or avoid feeddare ulti all ‘ opponent or simply remaining passive, because the game perhaps already taken ahead does not require special actions.

Stamford Brawl Tactics and COMP


In Stamford brawl things get slightly complicated, I would recommend that Maxine e Mister P double up on one side, leaving Mister P on the inside, leaving room for Maxine for a bit more aggressive action on the outer sides of the map.

While Ambra it should remain passive enough and not allow opponents to get off the opposite lane.

Cleanshot Tactics and COMP


In Cleanshot first of all it is crucial to Stu place a good gadget, evaluating the opponent’s comp and then avoid putting it too far ahead if they have a Mister P or a Pitcher in general.

As far as the game is over, there is not much to say, both Amber and Maxine are really strong brawlers in this type of maps, especially for their incredible ability to win 1v1 fights. This is thanks to their high DPS and movement speed, so as long as everyone does theirs there should be no particular problems.

Which star abilities and gadgets to use with Comps?

  • Maxine: 2nd Star Ability 1st Gadget
  • Ambra: 1st Star Ability 1st Gadget
  • Stu: 1st Star Ability 1st Gadget
  • Mister P: 1st Star Ability 2nd Gadget
  • Nita: 1st Star Ability 2nd Gadget
  • Bibi : 2nd Star Ability 1st Gadget

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