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PUBG Mobile nuovo progetto

The creators of PUBG Mobile change course: a survival is on the way

The creators of PUBG Mobile are working on a survival game. Undawn is expected to launch on PC and mobile devices later this year.

New PUBG Mobile Project, The Creators Towards A Survival Game (YouTube Screenshot)

Tencent has announced the arrival of a new project from the creators of PUBG Mobile. It is a completely new survival game that takes the name of Undawn. It is a survival game set in a world in which a large part of the population has been transformed into zombies. At the moment, the release date is not yet known.

The only detail available is that it will be available for PC and mobile devices later this year. At the moment all the information that is known is quite limited since it is still a project very mysterious. The only thing that players have at their disposal are some images that show both some characters and the outline of the title.

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The new survival title from the creators of PUBG Mobile

New PUBG Mobile project
New PUBG Mobile Project, The Creators Towards A Survival Game (YouTube Screenshot)

Apparently this can offer audiences a world full of the undead and different types of characters. In this way, each player can establish a relationship with other people, even exchanging resources or forming winning alliances. In addition there is also a brewing system and the progression of the character itself. In the words of Rick Li, the executive producer of Lightspeed & Quantum Studios, it seems that Undawn has plans to revolutionize the genre. How? Combining all known sandbox and RPG solutions to date.

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It can be said that, at least for the moment, it is very much based on the line of the famous television series The Walking Dead. Also, it seems that the developers want the public to have a chance to experience a ‘completely new experience and different from the one offered by the many existing games. At the moment, this is all the information available for the new title. All that remains is to wait to learn more details about the Undawn game. Scroll down in title advance.


Ps5 with player
Ps5 with player (YouTube screenshot)