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The Departments: what are they, what features. Download two rules


The Departments depict a long-lasting structure of the College of Academics, aimed at supporting the organizing of educating and training. By boosting the autonomy of the college and the collegiate and cooperative dimension of the lecturers, they enjoy a strategic job in the training-mastering procedure (DPR n.88 of 03.15.2010 artwork.5 c.3 letter c and Directive n.57 of 15.07.2010 1.2.2) and for the professionalism of the academics.

What are departments?

The Departments, in accordance to the rules adopted by the State Industrial Technological Institute and for Surveyors E. Fermi ‘di Pontedera (Pi), are:

  • location of comparison and trade of cultural and methodological alternatives
  • put of cultural production (conceptual, operational, didactic, evaluative, setting up tools)
  • put of design and style (significance and translatability of disciplines in schooling programs)

Goals of the departments:

  • Undertake systematic interventions in relation to techniques-based training, steering, and evaluation of understanding.
  • observe vertical continuity and inner coherence of the curriculum
  • supervise the learning processes for the development of know-how and skills foreseen in the profiles of the unique instructions
  • Detect coaching demands and propose any form of autonomy and curricular and organizational adaptability.
  • outline personnel update plans
  • boost and guidance the exchange of instructional objectives and the dissemination of the most efficient methodologies to improve student understanding outcomes.

Articulation and composition of the Departments

The disciplinary departments are manufactured up of all the academics of the institute.
In relation to the aims to be reached, the departments can also be added by cultural axis, produced up of lecturers who belong to the four axes or by direction, designed up of academics from the disciplines that characterize the diverse instructions current in the institute.
The faculty director has the purpose of common coordination of the departmental system and of liaison with the Board of Lecturers, as section of his institutional features. The principal calls the disciplinary departments for the 1st time at the starting of every single university year.
Subsequently, each Office organizes the get the job done according to situations and approaches agreed internally, dependent on the schedule defined by the School.

Prerogatives of the departments

It is the prerogative of the office to translate the Coaching Supply Approach into disciplinary and interdisciplinary didactic paths, validate its performance and introduce variations.

Disciplinary departments

In specific, it is the accountability of the disciplinary departments:

  • Define the understanding, techniques and competencies that come up respectively in the initially two-month time period, second two-month period of time and fifth 12 months in every single of the courses and branches present at the Institute.
  • Put together the once-a-year disciplinary program
  • Determine the bare minimum specifications required in terms of know-how and competencies.
  • Determine the analysis criteria and the evaluation grids of the verifications.
  • Outline methodological selections
  • Get ready the exams to measure the standards to be carried out (upon admission, throughout the college year and at the end of the college yr) in parallel courses.
  • Prepare recovery and assistance interventions in the course of the faculty calendar year.
  • Put together or decide on the cultural initiatives to be carried out in the classrooms
  • Prepare for textbook adoption.
  • Propose update actions
  • Get ready didactic materials (mastering models, verification checks, and so on.)
  • Any other subject specially delegated by the Educational Board.

Departments by Cultural Axis

It is the endeavor of the Departments by Cultural Axis:

  • Define the competences according to the Cultural Axes and the Typical Competencies of Citizenship
  • Put together didactic product (learning units, verification tests, etcetera.)
  • Get ready rubrics for the evaluation of transversal competences.
  • Propose update actions
  • Any other subject matter precisely delegated by the Academic Board.

Management departments

It is the job of the Residence Departments:

  • Define the specificities of the training carried out by each route and by just about every joint in conditions of techniques and understanding
  • Identify the distinct actions of every single residence and connect them to the different departmental levels
  • Suggest update activities
  • Any other issue exclusively delegated by the Tutorial Board.

When it comes to precise difficulties, departments have the suitable to organize by themselves into sub-departments. The conclusions of the latter need to, in any scenario, be summarized by resolution of the office.

Departmental conferences

Departmental conferences are held at least at the next instances of the faculty yr.
Before the commence of the lessons and right after the assembly of the section heads to prepare the routines to be carried out in the conferences:

  • drafting / modification / integration of section laws
  • verification of the educating routines of the prior calendar year
  • definition of expertise, awareness and competences
  • definition of minimal requirements
  • identification of the range and type of verification tools
  • setting up and coordination of common incoming disciplinary checks
  • exchange of analysis requirements and applications.

Annual scheduling

Until eventually Oct 15 (or in any situation on the date set for the shipping and delivery of the ideas or operate designs):

  • planning of didactic and disciplinary programs
  • proposals for routines to extend the schooling supply
  • proposals for interdisciplinary things to do
  • proposals for academic trips and guided visits (common criteria on didactic objectives and destinations for parallel lessons)
  • Proposals for the order of training resources and components
  • proposal of self-updating / updating courses, instructor education (also in light of the deliberate actions of the job).

Some deadlines

Soon after the close of the quarter / quarter:

  • midterm verification of disciplinary preparing, in light-weight of the outcomes of the quarterly evaluation
  • arranging of restoration interventions and didactic assistance.

Right after quarterly failure restoration checks:

  • verification of restoration activities.

In March / April:

  • checking the progress of education programs
  • proposals for the adoption of textbooks
  • setting up and coordination of outgoing aptitude assessments all through the very first two a long time.

At the conclude of the lessons:

  • Identification of essential articles for verification checks in situations of suspension of demo
  • Definition of the type of controls for suspension of demo and command preparing
  • Didactic proposals for the start of the new faculty year.

Once-a-year perform plan

At the starting of the university 12 months, a conference is held between the division coordinators and the administration team, in which the once-a-year get the job done application strains are agreed (most important aims, periods).

Coordinator jobs

The function is coordinated by a trainer appointed by the director, who usually takes into account the proposals of the section, the encounter and techniques possessed in relation to the endeavor to be carried out and the declared availability.

The section coordinator:

  1. signifies your office
  2. sets the conferences (centered on the selection of once-a-year hrs proven, short article 27 of the recent CCNL), contacting them at least 7 times in advance, by composed notification sent to every single trainer. This recognize is also communicated to the teachers’ secretary.
  3. delegated by the director, he chairs the section, whose classes are recorded. At the end of the dialogue, when necessary, the department votes on the proposals to be involved in the School deliberations.
  4. It is a level of reference for the teachers of its section as a mediator of the requests of each trainer, guarantor of the procedure, correction and transparency of the office
  5. informs the College of the activities carried out and the authorised agreements
  6. participates in the meetings of the Department Coordinators named by the Director.

Performing of disciplinary departments

Departmental conferences are held in accordance to a routine that is agreed upon inside of each and every section (apart from for the to start with meeting, which is termed by the Supervisor).
Just about every conference normally takes area in the next strategies:

  • Discussion on the subject areas involved in the agenda, moderated by the coordinator.
  • deliberates on proposals.

The resolutions:

  • are accepted by a easy the greater part of the academics present
  • can’t be in conflict with the PTOF, below penalty of its validity
  • the moment authorised, they turn into aspect of the deliberations of the Faculty
  • The agreements consequently adopted cannot be modified or questioned, until eventually new features arise that call for new dialogue, new elaboration and determination-generating method.
  • the discussion and resolutions are claimed in the minutes.

Each instructor:

  • has a contractual obligation (in accordance with art. 27 of the existing CCNL) to take part in section conferences
  • in situation of absence for justified explanations, you ought to notify the coordinator and justify the absence in writing to the manager
  • You have the correct to request from the coordinator that the subjects to be discussed are incorporated in the agenda, as long as it is in the 7 times prior to the day of the conference.

The division conferences are named by the management or by the coordinator, on their very own initiative or obligatorily at the motivated request expressed by the majority of the department’s professors.


Classes are recorded. The minutes, once authorised and signed by the coordinator, are despatched to the Director, recorded in the normal document of the department’s minutes and the coordinator can make them recognised to all instructors.

Success of resolutions

The resolutions of the departments have immediate outcome if they refer to specific factors of the disciplines they represent and are made acknowledged to the College, which endorses them.
For standard issues, the departments put together proposals for the Faculty, which deliberates on the make a difference.
In any case, the Board of Teachers proceeds to be accountable for the deliberation of the basic instructional guidelines of the Institute and for the deliberation of the requirements for the last scrutinies.


Quite a few universities have preferred not to control the operation of the “Section”. Some other individuals, even of distinctive grades (Principal, Secondary, First and Next grade) have, alternatively, composition, working modes and preset times. As, for illustration, the Condition Professional Technical Institute and for Surveyors E. Fermi ‘of Pontedera (Pi), directed by the director prof. Luigi
Vittipaldi, or the “Eduardo De Filippo” Integral Institute of Poggiomarino (NA) directed by the director Prof. Marianna Massaro. And, in addition, the Integral Institute of Stradella, directed by the director of the faculty Dr. Laura Pavesi. All executives of terrific cultural depth and sound managerial competencies.



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