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The developers of League of Legends say Seraphine is their companion, is she true?


League of Legends In recent years, it has gained so much love and popularity. Developed by Riot Games, this game is one of the best 5 to 5 multiplayer games of its kind. But, League of Legends, Influencers are making many netizens crazy about her online content. But a recent report by The Verge reveals that this pink-haired beauty, Seraphine, could be your next thing. League of Legends champion.

Yes, you read it right, Riot Games recently announced that Serafin belongs to them. This is why so many players are looking for more information about the same thing. If you are in doubt about the leak of Serafin, don’t worry. Everything you need to know here.

Is Social Media Serafin Real?

If you are a true fan League of LegendsSo you may know the popular social media influencer Serafin. But if you think Seraphin is real, you’ll be disappointed. But it’s awe-inspiring to know that the pink-haired influencer is actually a virtual personality, or, in a nutshell, an anime character.

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Who developed Serafin?

She made a cameo in late June and since then she has shared some insights League of Legends.. That’s why so many players speculate on her involvement in game developer Riot Games. But if you guess the same thing, you might be relieved to the news that Riot Games has finally announced that it is associated with virtual social media influencer Seraphine. Riot Games said in an official press statement:

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Seraphine is a digital influencer and artist associated with Riot Games. As a virtual artist, she has many collaborators to help her come alive musically, phonetically and artistically. As of June 2020, she operates three social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud), sharing music, thoughts on everyday life, and now sharing collaboration with K/DA. .. Her first partners, Jasmine Clarke, Absofacto, and Kosuke Kasza, produced Seraphine covers and songs aloud on social media.

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Apart from this, Serafin has also announced that she will collaborate with K/DA members on the next album. Her songs are so moving that fans are eagerly awaiting this fascinating collaboration. That’s true because Serafin got a lot of love from fans around the world for touching the songs on K/DA’s 2018 album.

Promo image ~ K / DA Twitter

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