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The Division Heartland: A free game for PC and consoles announced, a new game also for mobile devices!

The Division Heartland: A free game for PC and consoles announced, a new game also for mobile devices!

We already know Division 2 will be entitled to a further extension at the end of 2021. But Ubisoft has many more plans for the franchise in the future and decided to evaluate it on its official website. Already, for what is additional content of this game, it is remembered that it will be developed by Massive ubisoft Y Ubisoft Bucharestand will include a new game mode, as well as new means of progression.

So there are two more games in development! The first is called Tom Clancy’s The Division Heartland, et will be a free to play developed by the team of Red Storm Entertainment, study that helped Massive about the franchise and to whom we owe several Tom Clancy games, including the first Rainbow six. The experience be unique will offer a new perspective of the universe througha new decoration, and will be available on PC, consoles and cloud games (Stadia and Luna?) In 2021 or 2022 : it is now possible to register for the test phases of this speak to.

The second is a still anonymous mobile game, which is not yet detailed at this time. Ubisoft in any case you want to use it to bring the license to a new audience. The team takes the opportunity to remember that the film The division With Jessica Chastain and Jake Gyllenhaal, conducted by Rawson Marshall Thurber, this is currently being done, and will be based on the events of the premier jeu. Aucune période de sortie n’est en revanche évoquée … L’éditeur précise en tout cas what he wants make of The division a transmedia franchise and also plans a novel with the publisher Aconyte, which will explore the rest of the history of Division 2 In the USA.

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Tom Clancy's The Division lineup

See you inUbisoft Forward for more information ? By then you can get hold of Division 2 in order to € 8.73 in

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