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The dog puts the toys in the water bowl: the real reasons


The dog puts the toys in the water bowl, the reason for this rebellious gesture. Let’s see the reason for this behavior.

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The dog is usually an animal with a very good and calm disposition., until something or someone bothers you.

Only on these occasions does the animal have non-peaceful and tolerant reactions.

In fact, it assumes a totally different behavior than usual and sends somewhat strange signals. One of these may be when the dog puts toys in the food bowl.

What drives the animal to make this gesture of rebellion? towards his master? Let’s find out together what are the reasons for this action.

Strange dog behaviors

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Animals are often the architects of strange behaviors, especially cats and I may.

The latter they are really rare if you bring it. We could spend hours observing them and trying to understand the reason for these gestures.

Let’s see in particular what we mean:

These are the strange attitudes of the dog but to which it always remembers there is an explanation.

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The dog puts the toys in the water bowl: the reasons

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The dog who puts the toys in the food bowl would suggest that he does so to clean his accessories.

However intelligent it may be, this animal cannot perform this act of hygiene towards its toy.

The explanation instead could be monitoring:

  • a primordial act: that is, the dog sees the toy as its prey or even as food to soften it;
  • hide and preserve food: imitating their ancestors, namely wolves, who hid their food in cold water, to disguise the smell and prevent other animals from finding it;
  • loves to play with water: the dog tends to play with water because, like children, it loves to play and that is why it enters their games simply as a pastime;
  • a way to communicate: the dog puts the toys in the water bowl because he probably wants to communicate the need for more water;
  • dog rebellion: finally but not because it is less important but rather. The dog puts toys in the water bowl as a gesture of rebellion. This happens when the animal experiences discomfort or an unpleasant situation. Therefore, it is necessary to observe and evaluate to understand when it is necessary to intervene.

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Signs of rebellion in dogs

An unpleasant condition that the dog is experiencing is expressed through cues.

me certain dog behaviors which may seem strange anyway indicate a form of discomfort of the animal.

Let’s learn to recognize the main signs of the dog:

  • wrong behavior with guests– The rebellious dog is recognized immediately as it assumes incorrect behavior, especially in the presence of unknown people at home. This type of attitude is completely annoying for those who enter the house and find the dog jumping and climbing on it. This situation is embarrassing and should be avoided by trying to keep the dog on a leash and training him patiently;
  • enter rooms forbidden to him: the dog when the doors of some rooms are closed, know that his mission will be to enter those rooms forbidden to him. More or less the same attitude as the cat who hates closed doors. It will become his mission, which will then become his act of rebellion in case he wants to annoy us;
  • the dog licks the furniture: it is a gesture with which the dog usually draws attention to spend more time with its owner. Fido uses this gesture of rebellion but it is not a form of spite, it simply has some defects;
  • the dog chases the cars: the dog is not made to stay at home all day, for this reason, if this happens, the animal accumulates stress and energy that generates boredom and frustration. Reason why at the first opportunity to leave, he assumes rebellious behavior;
  • runs into the house and is restlessWhen Fido starts running around the house and getting restless, he may be stressed out from his inactivity in his day. That is why he assumes a rebellious attitude and tends not to obey orders;
  • chases other animals: the dog begins to chase other animals, particularly when on a leash he drags his master in pursuit. Everything was born out of a question of territoriality, but it is absolutely necessary to avoid it since it can be dangerous for the owner but also for the animal that could fight with other dogs.

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