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The easiest way to disable naval comments on Twitter, only for Android phones

The easiest way to disable naval comments on Twitter, only for Android phones

Report from Nextrain journalist Bahmi Bagos

Nextren.comIndonesia Recently released an update for the feature Navy This is an important place in the application.

This short video sharing feature has a new ability that users can use when they don’t want to receive comments from others.

Yes, Navy You can now turn off the comments feature so that viewers don’t have access to your comments.

This news is published directly by the parties. Indonesia via the wTwitterSupport account, Friday (3/12).

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“Wait, before posting Marines … you can now disable the option to send emoji reactions and text responses to your Navy via TM,” wrote Twitter.

Nextstrain search found this feature in the Twitter app to HP Android version 8.84.0.

So how to use it?

How to disable Navy comments on Twitter

The first step you need to do is update the Twitter application on your Android phone.

Make sure you have updated the application to the latest version.

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Then open the Twitter app and create a fleet by clicking the “+” logo on your profile picture.

Decide what content you want to upload.

Bahmi Bagas

An example of a simple way to disable Fleet comments on Twitter for Android phones.

If so, there will be a “Point Three” button next to the upload button.

Click the “Point Three” button until it appears Replace “Allow responses and responses via DM”.

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Make sure the button is gray, this indicates that you have disabled comments Navy.

If so, you can click the “button”Navy“Upload content directly.

Although it can run on Android, its features Disable Comments Navy Has not been used Indonesia IOS Verse.

You can see this in the report. Indonesia In the same temptation.

“On Android (iOS coming soon),” the company explained.

This feature is intended to be rolled out gradually to iOS users.

What about the next generation of friends? Enough rights to do?

We hope this information helps you, so please do not receive comments that you do not like.

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