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The Epic Games Store now offers Spotify, an app store ambition as well as games

The Epic Games Store now offers Spotify, an app store ambition as well as games

Spotify Now available on the Epic Games StoreShows developer Epic’s ambition to transform what was previously a strictly game store into a more popular app distribution platform. The Spotify app can be downloaded for free from the Epic Games Store, just like the App Store and Google Play. You can also download it directly to your PC or Mac.

Spotify’s availability at the Epic Games Store arrives when Epic is in a lengthy court battle with Apple and Google over the business model of each company’s respective app store.Epic sued Both Company About deleting the mobile version of Fortnite, Claims antitrust violations and claims that developers should be able to handle their payments and avoid giving store owners 30% of all in-app revenue.

The Epic Games Store is still a relatively new digital distribution platform, December 2018 As a rival to Valve’s Steam.But from the jump, Epic offered developers a more generous payment Only 12 percent Often, the percentage of revenue from developer savings, rather than the 30% taken by Valve, Apple, and Google.

As of January, Epic Games Store Has over 100 million users, And perhaps that number increased due in part Abundant sales and giveaways of epics.. (A GTA V May giveaways were so popular that Store suspension for multiple hours.. )

Due to the growing user base of the Epic Game Store, developer-friendly pricing, and the fact that it currently hosts one of the most popular apps in the world, Epic is a distribution platform for non-game developers. It seems to insist that it needs to be considered as follows. A viable alternative to other app stores.

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