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The Fanb is scored in technological innovation

The Fanb is scored in technological innovation

Vladimir Padrino López, Minister for Defense, attended the inauguration of the 1st. Research, Development and Innovation Exhibition Fair of the Bolivarian Military University of Venezuela (Umbv), in Caracas.

He specified that in the midst of the siege and economic blockade that the country is experiencing “each barracks of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces has become a center of innovation, research and will.”

He pointed out that this initiative by Umbv shows that within the Fanb there is intelligence, potentiality and probity. “Faced with the hostile conditions that have been imposed on us, our response is: think, innovate, move forward and solve problems,” said the Minister of Defense.

He commented that thanks to the will and talent of the soldiers, previously disused equipment has been repaired, reactivated and put into operation. He invited research entities and companies in the defense sector and all sectors of national life, to appreciate the quality and level of the research projects carried out by the Fanb.

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