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the files anticipate the graphics of the mobile version?

the files anticipate the graphics of the mobile version?

Although he has been away for more than 10 days, GTA Remastered Trilogy: The Definitive Edition talks about himself again through the graphic version of the mobile, found by a user within some files. Then the screenshots were posted directly to Twitter, in what appears to be a preview of the smartphone version.

After discovering some files about a possible VR mode, a new user finds the settings regarding the iOS version of the game, where you can see the graphic quality of Vice city me GTA III. Many users have also asked if there is a list of compatible Android devices, question to which the author responds with another photo.

The files actually present they don’t mention an actual list of devices, while there is a list where there are many names of operating systems, which, however, do not fully answer the question. At the moment, Rockstar has not yet revealed when or on which smartphones it will be possible to play the new remastered version of the three games.

The photos related to the graphics, available in this news, show how the quality has been greatly reduced, to make it even more mobile-friendly. It is interesting to note how all the images refer to the settings in iOS, while there do not appear to be photos of the devices that mount the Android operating system.

This is roughly how you can expect the VC remaster to appear on mobile, if they don’t kill it anymore. I found the mobile settings in one of the files.

To the question about the weight of this new version the same user is not sure how to answer, assuming it could weigh as much as the Nintendo Switch version, although he found no clues about it in the system files. At the moment we still do not know when we will have the opportunity to play GTA Remastered Trilogy: The Definitive Edition on mobile, but these first screenshots can give us an idea of ​​the graphics.

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