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The first citizen wind turbine in the Liège region inaugurated in Juprelle

The first citizen wind turbine in the Liège region inaugurated in Juprelle

This cooperative was created at the end of 2013 with the aim of producing renewable energy in the Hesbaye territory. We believe that citizens should also participate in the necessary energy transition after climate change ”, explains Bernard Deboyser, managing director of this cooperative in which 1,100 people have taken action.

It is within this framework that this 150-meter high wind turbine was created in collaboration with Luminus, located on the Glons road in the territory of the municipality of Juprelle, in a park that has five in total. It is the cooperative that financed it, built it, and therefore will now operate it. We have a capital of 1,300,000 euros that has allowed us to build the wind turbine, but since it costs more, 5 million euros, a bank loan covers the rest, ”explains the managing director. This credit must be repaid in 14 years with the proceeds from the sale of electrical energy.

The wind turbine should be able to supply the equivalent of 2,000 homes per year and avoid the annual emission of 2,400 tons of CO2.

“At that time, we were already talking about climate change but it was not as visible as it is today. After what happened this summer, the seriousness of these changes can no longer be denied. The inauguration of our second wind turbine is an important step ”, commented President Stéphane De Walque.

HesbEnergie already has a wind turbine in operation at Fernelmont, near Namur, as well as three hydroelectric plants. Other projects are currently underway, in various stages of development. Within three years, the cooperative expects to operate four wind turbines and three other hydroelectric plants.