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the first of december the new season

the first of december the new season

The creators of the summer smash hit Splitgate today revealed a major update on custom game management, giving gamers unprecedented control over the kinds of games they want to create. In addition to this new feature, fans will notice a redesigned UI for selecting maps and game modes, making it easier to scroll between present and saved game modes.

The new battle pass

Another major update today is the news that fans have until November 30 to complete their Battle Pass for Season 0, released in late summer during Splitgate’s meteoric rise in popularity following its open beta debut. on the console. A new season will begin on December 1, with all the details coming soon. However: The new December season will not yet announce the official release of Splitgate 1.0, but it will be a new pre-launch update with all-new content and a new Battle Pass. Intent, the team is working tirelessly for the official 1.0 release, currently scheduled for 2022.

The new custom games

In custom mode, players can now create their own games and play with friends. Today’s update gives you the ability to define the traits of your team, creating the possibility of incredibly varied asymmetrical matches. For example, Team A can have a supercharged life but cannot use portals and Team B has much less health but uses heavier portals and weapons. This is the first of many updates planned to improve Custom Match functionality for even more fans to enjoy.