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The first PlayStation 5 disassembly reveals some hardware secrets

The first PlayStation 5 disassembly reveals some hardware secrets

There was still A little over a month away Since the official launch of the PlayStation 5, Sony has already done the first public disassembly of the console hardware, courtesy of Sony.

Japanese video (with English subtitles) Sony Posted on Wednesday morning Answering quite a few persistent questions left from previous announcements, Recent practice time from several Japanese media outlets..

The most important of these is a demo that demonstrates how the system’s circular black stand works. When the PS5 is placed vertically, the stand is secured with one large screw. When the screw is removed, it can be stored in the base compartment and a small cap is filled in the screw hole of the system itself.

PS5 owners use the same base when placing the PS5 horizontally and appear to flatten the surface of the system. Gentle curve rest. However, in this configuration, the base simply snaps into place along the set of marks on one of these white panels and does not require screws.

Speaking of those white panels, the disassembled video shows that they can be easily removed without tools. Just “lift the back corner and slide it off” as explained in the video. Turning off the white panel gives users easy access to the outside of the system’s cooling fan. Cooling fans draw air from both sides of the system through two long side vents on the front and vents on the back that span the entire length of the system.

According to Sony, the internal shell also has two “dust collector” holes for easy vacuuming. This is welcome news for PS4 owners who are accustomed to tearing and opening the system. Blow it up with canned air To remove dust that clogs the system.

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