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The first test version of Android 13 is here: calendar and first functions


The first preview of the next version of Android traditionally appears in February or March. brave owners of one pixels 4 or later you can now download and install Android 13 First Preview. However, this preview build is intended for experienced users only and should not be installed on the parent device. We’ll show you what to expect with Android 13.

When does the final version come out?

The development of a new version of Android takes place in three stages. So-called developer previews appear first, in which Google tests and installs new system features. Then the beta phase begins. Almost all the features are already integrated and Google collects feedback and adjusts one or another feature. The last phase is to fix the remaining bugs and errors.

In a timeline, Google gives a rough overview of the time frame in which these three stages should take place. Experience has shown that this schedule is relatively valid. However, minor changes are possible. When the final version should appear, Google stays open. Experience has shown that it is late summer or early fall.

New features in Android 13

Only a fraction of Android 13’s intended features are known. After Google fundamentally modernized the design with Android 12, there are only minor design innovations this year. For example, app icons in Android 13 can adapt to the selected system accent color. Previously, this feature was reserved for select apps only. With the new version of Android, any app can use the feature.

In Android 13, the icons adapt to the system color
In Android 13, the icons adapt to the system color

for a better one protection of your personal photos takes over a handy feature of Apple’s iOS. There is a new photo picker that you can use to select photos to use in apps like WhatsApp and Co. The respective app can only access the selected photos, for example to send them. This is how Google prevents you from having to give each app full access to your photo library.

The new photo picker in action
The new photo picker in action

Plus privacy it is also available when interacting with devices near you. Until now, you’ve had to use apps that want to access nearby devices, such as when setting up a Vacuum cleaner robot – Give access to the location. With Android 13, this is no longer necessary. rumored it will also provide additional privacy-related features for push notifications.

there’s more to come

The list of new features is far from complete. Before the first beta version, we are still waiting for the announcement of many other features. Experienced users can get the first developer preview download here. However, you should only do this on a second device that is not needed. All Google smartphones from Pixel 4 are supported.

At a later date, there should also be beta versions for smartphones from other manufacturers.

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