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The fourth line of ducks that exceed expectations as a checker and scorer – Orange County Register


It is often said that one line passes the baton to the next, which is exactly the same as a relay race. Passing a torch is also a good explanation. The notion of being as strong as the weakest link in the chain also seems to work.

Coaches often refer to it as rolling four lines.

No matter how it is expressed, the goal is to extend the ice time to the four lines of the team, one to create the same or more pressure, confidence and momentum as the previous line. This is a way to maintain pressure, confidence and momentum throughout the game.

Some teams are better than others, but everything is working towards it.

Ducks are no exception.

“We want to be the fourth line that produces energy, is physical, energizes the team, and produces aggressively,” said David Bucks of the Dachshund Center. “One of our slightly unique tasks is to play against the top six players from other teams.

“We all admit that we lack skills, but in that scenario we can control how hard we work and impose ourselves and will. The best way to do this is. For me, putting the puck in the attack zone and holding it. This is what we aim to incorporate into the game. ”

By definition, the fourth line of the duck is considered to be the strongest physically, but the weakest in terms of skill. But is that so? Bucks, left-wing Nicholas De Laurier, and right-wing Carter Lowney have fulfilled their physical responsibilities, but they also lack aggressiveness. ”

Are you surprised?

of course.

Are you grateful?

of course.

Goal-hungry ducks can use all the help they can get. After all, they averaged 1.93 goals per match against San Jose Sharks on Monday. In contrast, Stanley Cup champion Tampa Bay Lightning averaged the league’s top 3.85.

Roney was Dax’s second scorer after left-wing Max Contowa, who had six assists to lead the team and had six goals and two assists on Monday. Deslauriers had 3 goals and 2 assists, and Backes had 1 goal.

Derek Grant, who was the center in the fourth row until he was injured and missed four games, received four assists. In fact, in order to leave Bucks in the lineup, Dachshund coach Dallas Ekins moved Grant first to the top line and then to the second line.

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