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The free game of the day is here

The free game of the day is here

Like every Thursday for 4 weeks, the Epic Games Store platform will offer us a free game of international quality. This week, we play violins and we play trumpets (or vice versa), as we have a winner among us. Oh wait …

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Without further prolonging the mental suspense that you have been subjected to since you started reading the beginning of this news, you should know that the free game in question is none other than the gaming phenomenon of the year, namely Among Us.

For those who still hesitate (yes, even for a free game), this is what awaits you here below (or above):

Play with 4-10 players online or over local Wi-Fi and get your ship ready for take off, but stay tuned (and the good one) because at least one of your teammates is actually a fiercely determined impostor Take the helm and kill everyone!

The tone of the cheater

Teammate : Complete your tasks on the ship to achieve victory, but beware of impostors! Report the bodies and vote to expel impostors at emergency meetings. Choose wisely!

Impostor : sow chaos, sneak your way neither seen nor known and let your neighbor put on his hat! The goal is to kill each teammate. watch out for the master of sabotage within you. CUSTOMIZATION: Add imposters and blemishes, reduce visibility, choose your favorite color and skin and headdress that will balm your heart.

Multi platform – Play with your friends, whether they are playing on PC, Android or iOS!

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