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Jeux PC Gratuits

The free PC games (Epic Games Store, GOG and Ubisoft) for October

Epic Games Store

It’s now a tradition for PC gamers – the little weekly tour on the Epic Games Store to discover the free games and add them to your library for free. Whether it’s indie titles or real AAA, we’re rarely disappointed with the offer, especially since when it’s free, we necessarily get our money’s worth! This month, Epic Games offers us:

  • Europa Universalis IV – until October 7

While we wait for the launch of the next Age of Empire, Epic Games gives us the opportunity to discover or rediscover this classic strategy signed by Paradox (Crusader Kings, Stellaris…).

  • PC Construction Simulator – October 7-14

Since everything from 38 tons to the goat went through the Simulator’s mill, the PC had to get there too … PC Building Simulator is both a simulation and a kind of puzzle game – all those who ever tried to assemble your pc know how big a puzzle can be. Produced under the license of many gamers in the PC world (MSI, Aorus, Intel, AMD, Asus, Razer …), the game is also intended to be educational and will even teach beginners the function of each item and how to configure it. assemble your own machine.


Like the competition, the CD Projekt store distributes current games, but above all it has specialized in making good classics available (the name of the store does not mean more than Good Old Games!). And sometimes some of them are even free for a while!

Point’n click by Revolution Software (Broken Sword), the game was the first to benefit from the Virtual Theater, which allows NPCs to do their thing regardless of whether the player cares or not. The result is a world more alive and immersive than ever. If this looks like it was acquired today, it was a real step forward in 1992, when the game was released.

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This is a timely offering, as the sequel to this 1994 classic, titled Beyond a Steel Sky, is about to be released on all consoles and on PC (the game is now available on Apple Arcade). Beneath a Steel Sky is a solid point’n click developed under the artistic direction of Dave Gibbons (who will return to Beyond …), author with Alan moore by Watchmen. And to better prepare for the release of Beyond a Steel Sky without bothering to replay the first game, the comic from Gibbons of the game is included in digital format!

Ubisoft as a bonus

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon It is offered from October 5 to 11 on the Ubisoft Store, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the license. And that’s not all, as DLC packs are also temporarily free for Ghost Recon Wildlands and Ghost Recon Breakpoint. All the details they’re here.