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The house of the future is smart, especially with these appliances.


Now we are used to having to deal with day to day technology. Smartphones, tablets and smart TVs have now entered the daily life of each of us. Now, however, we are witnessing ever-increasing technological progress also in regard to home appliances. From refrigerators to coffee machines, the household appliances get smart– Connected to the Internet, controllable with a simple click and extremely energy efficient. The whole house can become smart and save us several small daily efforts, making the more comfortable and relaxed home life. Let’s go then to discover some of the more interesting smart appliances, for which you could also take advantage of mobile bonuses.

Lavazza to Mio Voicy Mode

Photo of Lavazza

Don’t you even remember your name when you wake up in the morning? The coffee machine Lavazza to Mio Voicy Mode is the one for you. Is smart coffee maker is equipped with Alexa, the now famous Amazon voice assistant, and that will be enough tell him how you want your coffee to find it ready to taste without any effort. Thanks to the voice assistant you can also check the status of the machine or decide to listen to relaxing music.

Frigoriferi Samsung Family Hub

samsung family hub
Samsung Photo

Moving on to a bigger appliance, why not choose one? smart refrigerator? The refrigerators of the line Samsung Family Hub They are equipped with a large touch screen and are Conected to internet. A host of amazing features can be accessed through the display to monitor refrigerator contents, order online, and organize family engagements. If you are not interested in a smart refrigerator, you can try a colorful design fridge.

Dyson robot vacuum

dyson robot vacuum
Photo Dyson

If you are tired of vacuuming your entire house, Vacuum cleaner robot is the one for you. In particular, we propose Dyson 360 Heurist robot dust extractor, which reaches a speed of 78 thousand revolutions per minute and sucks up to 20% more than other models. Of course, it can be controlled through the app, independently acquire your home map and the cleans in total autonomy. Nothing more comfortable.

Rotofarm orchard

rotofarm garden
Photo of Rotofarm.

An object that combines technology and interior design it is without a doubt the garden of Rotofarm. If you are a garden lover, you cannot miss this beautiful object that will allow you to grow up to 20 vegetables and monitor its growth through the application. Not only terrace and indoor plants, now even the garden becomes a piece of design.

Pumpkii cat robot

robot cat
Photo Amazon

I dog and cat furniture they are among the top design trends for 2022. But for our animal friends, we can do even more. The Pumpkii robot is a playmate for our cat but, at the same time, it is equipped with a camera to control it remotely and is capable of cleaning where it has dirt. It also has a space to feed our pet whenever we want.

Cantinetta Haier wine

cantinetta haier
Photo Amazon

With the Haier winery, mono or double zone, you will always know what wine to serve at the table. If it integrates with theLive app, in fact, this winery allows you to easily catalog your bottles and receive tips on combinations with food.

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