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The identity card for bicycles becomes mandatory

The identity card for bicycles becomes mandatory

As of January 1, they must be sold with a unique identification number. The aim of the maneuver: to deter thieves.

Photo by Murillo de Paula on Unsplash

In France, a bike it is stolen every minute. A situation that can push victims to abandon the practice and favor other means of individual transport. Aware of the positive impact of bicycles on the environment, the government has implemented new regulations for the sale of these. Starting on January 1st, must be sold with a unique identification number. For bikessecond hand sold in store, this number must be provided to the customer from 1st of July. The creation of this plate will be the responsibility of the buyer, as is the case with cars, for example. If you already have a bicycle, this measure will not apply to your two-wheeler, but you can still do so if you wish.

At the time of purchase, therefore, this number will be entered into a database with the owner’s contact details. These regulations are intended to deter thieves from two wheels and also to allow victims to return them when the police find them, for example. “Beyond the deterrent effect, the police who will be equipped and trained to consult the national file will be able to contact the owner directly when a bicycle is found” the Ministry of the Interior and Ecological Transition said in a press release. In case of resale, the owner must make a declaration to APIC (federation of users, union of cycle professionals, identification professionals) and thus make the change in the database. In its press release, however, the government specifies that “The delay in the organization taken during the health crisis will not allow all the stores to be fully operational as of January 1. Therefore, an acceleration tolerance will be applied during the first quarter of 2021 “.

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