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The importance of public Wi-Fi in our cities


April 28, 2021

Digital services are now an integral part of our daily life and, therefore, the offer of Internet networks open to all, which can bridge the digital social divide and make it possible for all citizens to use them, is becoming a responsibility. of public bodies. So why should the opening of public Wi-Fi networks be considered a priority for administrations?

Online services: work, study and entertainment within the reach of the citizen

When we talk about digital services we refer to a wide range of possibilities, linked both to work and study and to more playful and entertainment purposes. In any case, access requires the presence of an internet network and the availability of a connected device, factors that, for reasons of coverage, economic or otherwise, are not always available to all families.

Today there really is everything online: those who work need the Internet to keep in touch with colleagues and other subjects, perhaps even holding videoconferences, just as students need the Internet both to be able to document themselves on different topics and to follow the lessons in the provided form by distance learning. Not only that, the Internet is also a huge container of services for the citizen, from banking to the bureaucracy of public bodies, through purchases and games.

These last two categories, in recent times, have experienced enormous growth, linked both to the longer time spent at home and to the improvement of the services offered. Although these are issues linked to an entertainment dimension, in fact, the operators in these sectors have become true examples of efficiency, to be taken as a model in other areas as well. Digital casinos, like those registered by the portalFor example, they have always put in place specific knowledge and large investments to guarantee not only the best user experience, but also high levels of security for operations carried out online.

This characteristic has pushed gaming portals to act as protagonists of a digital revolution in which the user / citizen is the center of attention and in which the fundamental objective is to satisfy their needs, regardless of whether it is the handling of paperwork. or to play. your favorite games. Casinos and other gaming platforms, such as banking and financial institutions, have developed increasingly advanced systems to protect payments and data exchanges, in addition to creating highly efficient mobile applications from all points of view.

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City Wi-Fi networks to end the digital divide

Therefore, digital services affect all areas of our lives, which makes us understand well how indispensable it is today to be able to guarantee access to the Internet at all levels. The expansion of online services, in fact, today highlights even more, compared to previous years, the need to bridge the differences that still exist, creating the same opportunities for everyone to access a fast communication system and often , essential.

Municipalities and other public bodies are forced to respond to a need that has become paramount, investing in technologies that can guarantee wide territorial coverage and zero costs for users. That is why public Wi-Fi networks were born, whose operation is substantially similar to that of a private network, based on a hotspot to which it is possible to connect different devices, but with free services and access from public places.

Many municipalities in Italy have adopted systems of this type in squares and other spaces, gradually trying to expand coverage even in more peripheral areas. At his side, the Ministry of Economic Development, which with the Piazza WiFi Italia project, to which the municipalities of Irpinia de Montemiletto and Montaperto have also recently joined, are committed to a true free Wi-Fi network extended throughout the national territory.

The course that has been taken is undoubtedly the right one and it is not difficult to imagine a hyper-connected and increasingly digital future: the important thing is not to waste more time and accelerate this path so that not even the most decentralized territories are left behind. lagging behind technological progress.

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