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The iPad widget concept probably shows why Apple didn’t do that


Ann iPad Widget concept Probably provides an answer to why Apple didn’t What many of us wanted: Allows flexible placement of widgets on the iPad, similar to the iPhone.

I raised the issue As soon as iPad OS 14 is announced …

I don’t think I wrote a feature request the moment a new operating system version was announced, but one very disappointing discovery prompts me to do so: the iPad widget on the iPad OS 14 is better than the iPhone widget. Less flexible […]

With iOS14 on iPhone, you can place widgets anywhere and on the screen. You can combine apps and widgets as you like.

However, on iPadOS 14, widgets are still restricted to the sidebar and only appear on the first screen. You cannot freely combine apps and widgets on the full width of the home screen, and you cannot place widgets on the second and subsequent screens.

Over 95% of you agreed that iPad widgets should be as flexible as iPhone widgets.

At the time, the decision not to allow this seemed unexplainable to me, but said it was a concept. Show what a flexible widget looks like Larger iPads may provide a description.

On the iPad, the new widget will appear on the left side of the first homepage screen[今日]Can only be added to the view.

Matt Birchler’s new concept Imagine what “appropriate widget support” would look like on the iPad. In this scenario, you can add the widget directly to the iPad home screen and combine the widget with a traditional app icon.

As the iPad screen size grows, the grid spacing looks more and more ridiculous, meaning that even the smallest 2×2 widgets seem almost comically too large.

Of course, this doesn’t mean Apple shouldn’t do that. This means that Apple should instead have a grid pattern that fits the screen size of each iPad. It’s absolutely crazy that my app icons need to be this far apart on a 12.9 inch screen.

I’m completely happy that the iPad icon is the same physical size as the iPhone icon and the widget is the same physical size as the iPhone icon. This will allow you to use your screen much more efficiently and combine a significant number of widgets to display your most used apps on your home screen.

What is your view? Does Apple need to match the iPad icon spacing with the iPhone icon spacing before providing flexible widgets of the same physical size? Take our poll and share your thoughts in the comments.

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