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The iPhone 12 should steal the iPad Air’s new Touch ID. This is ideal for COVID-19.


Apple’s new iPad Air integrates Touch ID into the buttons on the side of the iPad.


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Apple new iPad Air Relocate Touch ID to the button on the edge of the device. The company’s upcoming iPhone 12 lineup will need to do the same, allowing users to choose to use their face to unlock the iPhone or their fingerprints to unlock it.

On Tuesday, Apple announced the latest gadget. This includes an updated $ 599 (£ 579, AU $ 899) iPad Air that integrates Touch ID into the power button on the top of the tablet. This move makes it easier to unlock the device while wearing the mask, allowing Apple to embed a large screen on the tablet independent of Face ID and unlock the device. .. To take advantage of Apple’s face unlocking technology on the iPad, users must choose one of the company’s more expensive Pro models.

Regarding that Future iPhone 12 lineup, Apple would be wise to do the same. However, popular smartphones have both Touch ID and Face ID built in, so you can quickly get into your device while wearing a mask. The new coronavirus pandemic, which has been rampant around the world for months, will probably not go away anytime soon. And that means everyone will wear a mask when they leave home in the near future.

“Focusing on the new integrated fingerprint reader will appear on the next iPhone as a hedge against Face ID,” said Reticle Research analyst Rothrubin.

Apple has integrated Touch ID into a button on the top of the iPad Air. This is the company’s first, but it’s common on Android devices.


Apple event Second virtual presentation during a pandemicCome when it’s difficult. Coronavirus More than 29 million people are infected worldwide Killed about 930,000 people. With millions of people unemployed in a recession that has hit the United States seriously, COVID-19 is showing no signs of decline in many parts of the world. People like webcams Laptop -But they have avoided buying like 5G smartphone.. this year, The telephone industry sees the biggest decline in sales 10 years later, according to CCS Insight.

Apple typically launches a flashy product in September to showcase its latest iPhone. In such cases, Apple Watches, iPads, and other devices may sit behind Apple’s major smartphones, and the company may hold another event in October for the iPad and Mac. This time around, we focused on other products, especially the Apple Watch and iPad. Earlier this year, Apple warned that iPhone production would be hit by COVID-19, and in late July announced the latest iPhone with ultra-fast 5G connectivity, “A few weeks” late For a pandemic.

As phones become slimmer and smarter, companies are looking for ways to pack larger screens into smaller packages without cutting out space for fingerprint sensors. Apple relies on Face ID To unlock modern devices instead of physical fingerprint readers, other companies are embedding fingerprint sensors on the back or sides of the device, or integrating technology under the front display itself. I use it in general.

The COVID-19 epidemic allows you to return to physical buttons such as the iPad Air’s integrated Touch ID, which is appealing to potential buyers who are dissatisfied with entering a passcode each time they access the device. ..

Face ID problem

Since the iPhone 5S in 2013, Apple has embedded a fingerprint sensor in a round button on the front of the device to remove real estate from the display. In 2017, we abolished the Touch ID compatible home button and Face ID iPhone X technology. Over the next few years, Apple packed Face ID into high-end phones and tablets. This allows the device to contain a large screen, but maintains a safe and fast way to unlock the gadget.

Look at this:

Apple announces new iPad Air


As the coronavirus attacks the world and people wear masks to seek protection, more consumers will look for devices with physical unlock buttons. Apple’s Face ID is more secure than Touch ID, but it doesn’t work if someone is wearing a mask. May, apple Device unlocks faster while wearing maskHowever, someone needs to remove the mask for Face ID to work or for you to enter your passcode.

Apple brought back Touch ID in March iPhone SE.. In that case, the technology was built into a round home button, and many praised the ability to easily unlock the device while wearing a face mask. However, including Touch ID in the home button limited the size of the phone display. With the iPad Air, Apple has increased the screen size.

Android device makers such as Samsung have long incorporated fingerprint unlocking technology into the buttons on the sides of their phones, and have incorporated this technology underneath the display itself. This is something Apple hasn’t done.

In-screen fingerprint technology is appealing to both users and device makers, but it’s not really working as expected. Early versions of devices like Samsung Galaxy S10It was slow, buggy and easy to hack. Qualcomm, a leading technology provider Steady improvements to in-screen fingerprint technologyHowever, it is not yet widely used throughout the telephone industry.

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