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The iPhone is about to introduce features that Android phones have had for a long time, but it’s worth the wait!


According to the AppleinsiderApple will add this new feature on iPhone and iPad devices. Signature is working on the development of Secure Enclave technology, which allows multiple users to safely share their iPhone or iPad without revealing personal information to other users.

The patent roughly translates to “Provide a domain in a secure area to support multiple users”, it allows multiple users to use the same device. This is similar to MacOS, Apple even refers to “single user mobile computing devices and multi user desktop and laptop devices”.

Multiple accounts on macOS

The content of the patent says: “A device can consist of several passwords and encodings, and these passwords and encryption can be associated with different users on the system. Before a user can access device data, they must authenticate through the login screen. However, it is still possible to access the data stored in the computer system without knowing a username / password or password if the data is stored in an unencrypted manner. “

So Apple It is aimed at multiple users for iPhone, iPad, … this will help to share devices but still keep the information in the best way.

This patent was credited to three inventors, Pierre Olivier Martel, Arthur Mesh and Wade Benson. Among his many patents listed above is one related to multi-user access to data containers on one device. The new patent is far from Apple’s first multi-user study on iOS devices. Since 2013, it has applied for comprehensive patents on multiple users of the same Touch ID-enabled device.

However, if this feature is truly supported by Apple, it seems the company has been a bit slow this time, as Android phones have supported multi-user experiences since early 2019.

The iPhone is about to introduce features that Android phones have had for a long time, but it's worth the wait!  Photo 2.

Multiple accounts on one Android device

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