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The island of the brawlers is the Reality Show on the world of Brawl Stars

The island of the brawlers is the Reality Show on the world of Brawl Stars

The island of the brawlers is the Reality Show on the world of Brawl Stars

8 brawlers will be transferred to an island and will have to compete in crazy battles and challenges in the reality of the brawler island. Are you ready to experience this new exciting adventure?

What is Brawler Island?

Island of the Brawlers is a Youtube series, created by Sparx, which recreates one of the most famous reality shows in Italy (the island of the famous) by transferring it to the universe of Brawl Stars. Maps have been recreated with the map generator and each challenge will have its own custom map that will see 8 participants compete in each episode.

Warning: reality is an external creation to the game, so it is not an official thing produced by Supercell.

The participants of the island of the Brawlers

The participants of the island of the Brawlers are 8 and they are the following:

  1. Maxine
  2. Colt
  3. Ambra
  4. STU
  5. Carl
  6. Leon
  7. Corvo
  8. Splint

These 8 brawlers will be assigned to 8 human players and will have control over them until the end of the first edition of the island of brawlers. These brawlers were selected because they are all quite fast, can hit from a distance and are very skilled, so that you can have balanced challenges.

How does the elimination of the brawler from the island work?

Each episode there will be 3 challenges and the team that scores the most wins will have the power to send one player from the opposing team to the vote, along with another teammate who will be chosen through the Wheel of Misfortune.

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Once the two competitors have been selected, viewers will have to comment under the video of the episode in question and name the brawler who, according to them, will have to leave the island of the brawlers. Are you ready to support your favorite team and chase the strongest brawlers off the island?

The first episode will be released on April 26th at 15:00 and you can already find the premiere here:

I’ll be waiting for you all on Monday 26th at 15:00 to watch the first national episode live!

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