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The latest certification for the new Tesla Model Y has begun >


Tesla wants to deliver the Model Y from the new Gigafactory in the US state of Texas this quarter, the first electric cars in which a In-house developed and produced 4680 cell battery pack it is part of the support structure, CEO Elon Musk confirmed in late January. The batteries and vehicles are already being produced and just need “final certification,” he said. According to a blog, it is about the approval of sale by the environmental authority EPA. In fact, it is said to be the final step before deliveries of the new Model Y begin.

Model Y with 4680 battery in certification

As with the German Gigafactory, the official start of which is also nearing, newly produced Model Ys are seen repeatedly at the site in Texas (see photo above) and some are transported. Speculation suggests that Tesla would also have plenty of room inside to hide more. Production appears to be running at least temporarily. And how the blog Teslarati wrote on Thursdaythe 4680-powered Model Y is just EPA certification away from the start of sales.

When Musk announced in late January, he wasn’t sure if his “fairly soon” meant starting or completing the necessary certification. In the meantime, however, the process has definitely begun, Teslarati concluded from the authority’s response to his request. The EPA has confirmed that the Model Y is being reviewed. He decided that although there was already a certification for the 2022 model year, it was valid until the end of the year.

EPA on Tesla fast so far

According to the report, the decision in this regard is at the discretion of the authority and depends on the scope of innovations during the year (the place of production should not influence). She did not want to reveal anything specific about the Model Y, but for Teslarati it is obvious that the trigger for the recertification the completely new battery pack with new cells is. In the case of Model Y EPA certification for 2020 and 2021, less than four weeks had elapsed between registration by Tesla and issuance. In this sense, the hope expressed by the quasi-CEO of Tesla, Drew Baglino, that the first 4,680 vehicles can be delivered before the end of March could still be fulfilled.

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