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The latest episode of Brolor Stars Brolor Talk will be released on September 7th

Image via Supercell

Ah Teaser video Officially posted Brawl star Twitter account today may have revealed the date of the next episode Brawl Talk..

Teaser Retweet Along Browl Stars Community manager Ryan Lighton has become a player Brawl Talk Episode comes out. The video refers to the date September 7th. Brawl Talk The episode will premiere.

Other than this, the video provided no information about what the player could expect. It included a journal with the names of several browers like Colt, Piper, Crow, Leon, and Tara. At this point it is unclear exactly what this means.

Brawl Talk Released before the game update, we announce future features. of Previous episode Appeared on June 27th, we introduced a second season called the Summer Monsters. The season will end on September 14.

Next episode of Brawl Talk Probably preview season 3 of the game. Players can expect some new skins as part of their third season broll path.

Formerly Ryton Tweeted The next update will be a “mini-update” as the team has only returned for a couple of weeks during the summer vacation. When a user asked Lighton if this year’s update would be minimal, he said Replied It will probably be.