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The latest Marvel's Avengers patch aims to stabilize the game on your PC •

The latest Marvel’s Avengers patch aims to stabilize the game on your PC •

“Please give us your feedback. We will release a patch as soon as a fix is ​​found.”

Square Enix pushed a new Steam patch, taking data collected “after early access” to address a stability issue that plagues Marvel’s Avengers on PC.

“We released the first patch of Marvel’s Avengers, build 12.9,” explains the game update. Steam page. “This patch is primarily focused on stability, based on data we’ve collected since early access started a few days ago.

“We are aware of many other issues that are causing issues for some players, and the team is working hard to address them, but for now, for everyone I want to make sure you get these known stability improvements,” added the post. “Please give us your feedback. We will release a patch as soon as a fix is ​​found.”

Patch V1.0 build 12.9 fix addresses an NVIDIA 10 series driver issue that was causing the crash, a DEVICE_HUNG crash that some players encountered in the sewer, and a bug that prevented some from throwing rocks. Includes a “workaround” to be taken as Hulk or as Iron Man.

This patch also enables Steam Cloud to “make it easy to sync save games across multiple PCs.”

Each Marvel’s Avengers DLC character has a $10 battle pass. In a long and complex post that details how Square Enix manages the game and its gear and cosmetics, it’s a $10 pass-called a Hero Challenge Card-“Players can complete in-game challenges. You get resources, units, credits, and cosmetics.”

The Premium Hero Challenge card reward has already unlocked the first six heroes.[s] Content gating ensures that you and your friends together can experience these exciting additions. However, to unlock all the rewards for the new heroes introduced after their launch, players must individually unlock the premium rewards with 1,000 in-game credits.

Marvel’s Avengers add Hawkeye himself, Kate Bishop, In the roster of heroes that will grow in October. Clint Burton will also be featured in the Bishop’s Story Mission. Clint Burton will be available in November. Of course, both characters are also known as Hawkeye.

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