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The LG Wing's leaked hands-on video finally shows how a spinning dual display works

The LG Wing’s leaked hands-on video finally shows how a spinning dual display works

At the beginning of today LG Future “Explorer Project” smartphones Called the wing. So far, the dual display smartphone of the swivel design A couple of video Leaked rendering, but only if the two screens are locked at a fixed angle. It was thought that the secondary screen would rotate from behind, but I hadn’t yet seen it actually work. That will eventually change. The leaked hands-on video finally shows the LG Wing display spinning on the camera. And it’s not the secondary display that comes into play, but the primary display on top.

The top full screen panel is very thin and appears to rotate up to 90 degrees relatively smoothly. When I rotate the main display, the top looks like it’s locked horizontally and the secondary display becomes a’T’ shape that occupies only half of the vertical space, the other half hides the display’s rotating hardware. . Of course, LG gives it a fancy name and does a lot to explain the engineering behind it, but at least now I know how everything works on the surface. And to be honest, it looks very cool.

At the bottom of LG’s Wing smartphone, there seems to be a Type-C port next to the speaker. Also, the curved slopes on the rear panel are easily overlooked. This seems to flaunt the shiny finish. It would be really nice if LG could give the wings the same design treatment LG Velvet.

further, ETNews According to the report, the shipping price of LG Wing is set to 1 million won (~$918), but the cost was calculated after “VAT rate was reflected in factory price” (Translated) Will be reduced to 1.91 million won (about $1608). Both Previous leak. LG has promised to share details about upcoming smartphones September 14.