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The Major Advantages of Owning a Laptop

For the most part, PCs (or desktops) have become primarily for gaming more than anything else. That’s because they’re being replaced in homes by laptops. After all, a mobile computer provides a lot more flexibility than an immobile one.

We tend to take for granted all that laptops have to offer. There are some serious advantages to having a laptop at your disposal, too.

It’s a Finished Product

One of the more underrated aspects of buying a laptop is that you are getting a finished product compared to many desktop computers. The latter is extremely customizable and if you choose to build one, you can go through every piece and component to arrive at a finished product that works for you.

When you buy a laptop, however, you are getting a basically finished product. Yes, you can make customizations to the keyboard, RAM, and storage, but a laptop isn’t nearly as customizable. If you are looking for a  straightforward but effective piece of technology, the laptop more than fits the bill for your needs.


Without a doubt the biggest advantage of a laptop is that it is far more mobile than its desktop counterpart. Sure, you could disconnect all the cables, grab the monitor, grab the tower, and take your gaming PC with you. But it winds up being a huge hassle and not worth it most of the time, especially if you aren’t going to be in that place for very long.

Laptops have  a huge advantage over desktops because they are so mobile. You can simply close your laptop into a thin, comeback shape and put it in almost any kind of bag. It is lightweight and easy to keep with you. For students and busy professionals, being able to have a laptop on hand at all times can be a major difference maker.

Portable Entertainment

This goes hand-in-hand with the last point, but it is an important one to make. Having a laptop on you means that you can have gaming and entertainment wherever you go. Which programs and games you can access can depend on whether or not you need internet access. That said, you can keep yourself entertained for hours on end wherever you may be.

With internet access, it is possible to stream movies, television shows, sports, live television, and more. It also allows for playing games of all kinds even when you are offline. That level of entertainment might be obtained on a desktop, but you are limited to that small space where the computer is stored.

Instantly Access Information

Many of us use smart devices to access information, generally through Google. But sometimes what you are looking for is a little more comprehensive and trying to learn about it through a smartphone screen can be cumbersome and annoying. Having a laptop can be a game-changer and make it easier to consume that information. It all depends on the size of your screen, graphics chip, and processor.

A Gaming Hub

Online gaming is more popular than ever before. While many see the desktop as the superior unit, that gap has become negligible. That is because a gaming laptop can get quite expensive due to the superior specs compared to the average laptop.

Whether you want to go game with friends, play at a café, or get out and enjoy the fresh air while completing your missions, there is no telling where you can bring all the great gaming action with you. Mix things up with your gaming experience rather than being stuck to one stationary spot.