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The Man’s Sky’s Origins update does not create a trippy, buggy world.


There is no sky for a manThe Origins update was aimed at changing the planet, but Hello Games may have gone a little too far. Players have reported wild bugs, such as the appearance of double planets that players were able to fly around and actually made.

Ramrod 312 posted a banana video on Reddit Here he crosses one of these bubble planets. They spawned so close to each other that they can be moved on foot. Of course, there is still an atmosphere, so traveling bends physics. It’s wild to witness. Since then, the video has received about 10,000 votes on Reddit.

I also posted a lamb rod Portal code to the worldAlthough there are warnings, it allows others to travel the same way. “Keep yourself safe. It’s easy to fall endlessly to your death.”

These planets have appeared since then Origins will be updated on September 23The player has I even found planets that were crushed by each other There is no distance.These double planets A popular tourist destination for players I’m trying to check out a very strange sight. Even sandworms have been found jumping between connected planets.

There are other strange signs since Origins. Another PlayStation 4 pilot, MavDrake, Discovered a single planet with a huge pair of jaws clenching around the world. MavDrake did not land, but he did some external testing. “It wasn’t attached to the planet and seemed no different than any other random spatial anomaly that triggered an alert during a pulse drive,” he told Polygon in a Reddit direct message. “It’s incredibly big. Your ship is small in your mouth.”

Players seem to be generally fine with these bugs.It helps it There is no sky for a man People are free to move around on their own, as they do not gate their progress behind a particular planet. The highest-rated comment on Ramrod312’s post, with a 1.4k vote, said: “It’s a bug, but it’s kind of like a real-life shredder madness that you want to see more in NMS. You absolutely have to come across something that can’t be explained or that is confusing in physics, space, and time.”

Notable Elite Dangerous The game world contains about 400 billion star systems, but with similar bugs in the past, it contains at least one instance. Two satellites passing through each other..

Players are working to uncover the secrets of There is no sky for a manOrigins patch, Including new sand bugs There is a biome in the galaxy. However, some of the most awe-inspiring sights in the new patch weren’t intended — nevertheless, players are fascinated by these strange new worlds.

I contacted Hello Games for more information. I will update this article if I get a reply.

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