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The maps of the monthly challenge of February on Brawl Stars


The maps of the monthly challenge of February on Brawl Stars

February’s monthly challenge on Brawl Stars arrives this weekend and in this article you will discover the maps of this month’s challenge so that you can prepare with your team.

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New eSports screen on Brawl Stars

Here we are, we start with the monthly challenges of Brawl Stars that will bring many prizes and a new screen on Brawl Stars with new eSports buttons. Supercell will introduce a new eSport screen that, in addition to giving news from the Brawl Stars eSport world, will give the possibility to directly access the phases of the Brawl Stars monthly finals from the game, thus avoiding the mess with ESL.

If you want to know all the dates of the monthly challenges this year, I suggest you read my article: Brawl Stars Championship 2021: All the dates of the monthly challenges

The maps of the monthly challenge of February

As everyone, or almost everyone, knows, this year a new game mode will be introduced in the monthly challenges and it is the game mode Domain. I know that many will not be happy with this, including myself, but Supercell has decided that this mode is for use in the competitive esports world of Brawl Stars, so we will find this mode in the competitive year 2021.

But what are the maps of the monthly challenge of February? Here are listed below in order the maps and modes that you will find in the monthly challenge this weekend on Brawl Stars:

  1. Footbrawl – Brawl Stadium
  2. Domain – Expanse of cockroaches
  3. Robbery – Burning shoreline
  4. Arraffagemme – Rock hard mine
  5. Wanted – Large channel

Some of these maps we have already seen during other monthly challenges, others are totally new and ready to be tested in the competitive world of Brawl Stars. Want to know how to win the monthly challenge of February with the best guides and COMPs of these maps? Then SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube channel that soon this video will be released that has made many people win over the past months with past challenges!


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