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The Mario 64 PC port looks like a full-blown remaster with new 4K texture pack

The Mario 64 Personal computer port appears to be like a complete-blown remaster with new 4K texture pack

Back again in May well Wes performed an extraordinary Mario 64 Laptop port that runs like a desire at 60fps and 4K resolution. But as he observed again then, a smoother frame charge and crisper resolution won’t be able to seriously increase textures that were produced for a 1996 Nintendo 64 video game. 

But with the arrival of a new group-produced 4K texture pack, the port can now seem like a fully-fledged recent-gen remaster. The ‘sm64redrawn‘ pack is the manual function of 16 contributors, who all had a hand in manually redrawing the game’s textures at 10 times the standard scale, from time to time increased.