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The master started a melon growing business, making a profit of more than one hundred million dong / year.


After many unsatisfactory jobs, Master Nguyen Hoang Trang invested in the construction of a membrane house at a total cost of 800 million Dong.

Professor Nguyen Hoang Trang (born 1977, resident of Dong Hoa Village, Tan Dan Commune, Duc Tho District), currently an art teacher, teaches at Le Ninh (Duc Tho) High School.

In addition to teaching time, Mr. Nguyen Hoang Trang used to do a lot of work to earn additional income. Recently, realizing that melon is popular with many people and that he consumes it quickly, Mr. Trang has dared to invest in greenhouses, hoping to start a stable direction and generate high income.

The teacher started a business growing melons, earning more than one hundred million dong / year - Photo 2.

Due to proper technical care, the melon grows quickly and is lush.

Thinking of doing so, at the beginning of 2020, Mr. Trang bought 1,500m2 of land for people cultivation in the village of Tan My, poured land to cultivate gardens, built greenhouses, bought substrates, seedlings and drip irrigation systems according to with work. Israeli technology … at a total cost of 800 million VND.

In March 2021, he planted the first melon crop. After almost 3 months of fertilization, at harvest time, minus all expenses, Mr. Trang’s first melon harvest earned 70 million VND.

The teacher started a melon growing business, earning more than one hundred million dong / year - Photo 3.

After more than 2 months of fertilization, queen melons are round and golden.

Like a true “old farmer”, Master Nguyen Hoang Trang took PV to the melon orchard in the greenhouse. Simply pointing to the melon beds laden with golden fruit that are being prepared for harvest, Mr. Trang introduced: “This is the second melon harvest with a total of 3,000 roots. This year, in addition to green melon and yellow melon, I have planted more varieties of queen melon. 9 weeks have passed, so it is time to move into the irrigation limitation period to gradually sweeten the fruit. Approximately 10 days before harvest, each fruit will weigh between 1.2 and 1, 8 kg.
The teacher started a melon growing business, earning more than one hundred million dong / year - Photo 4.

As expected, this melon harvest will yield around 4.5 tons, minus all costs, the remaining income is approximately VND 90 million.

Mr. Trang said that in order for melons to achieve high quality in the growing process, each tree only keeps 1 large, round and beautiful fruit, the rest is cut. As expected, this melon harvest will yield around 4.5 tons, after discounting all costs, the estimated income is around 90 million VND. Overall, two melon harvests generate a profit of 160 million dong.

According to Mr. Trang, the tender fruits that are cut are very crunchy and have not been used yet, so they are a waste. Due to the large amount of orchard, in the near future, Mr. Trang plans to pickle young melons to increase his income.

According to Mr. Trang, because melons only like high temperatures, they generally only produce 2 crops in the hot season. The rest of the time it is raining and cold, so we will move on to growing cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, hot peppers, and some other short-lived fruit trees.

The teacher started a melon growing business, earning more than one hundred million dong / year - Photo 5.

For melons to reach a high quality, during the growth process, each plant only keeps 1 fruit.

According to Mr. Trang, in addition to the amount of money supported by the Duc Tho District Science and Technology Transfer Application Center plus some capital accumulated by the teacher, currently, Mr. Trang and his wife are still borrowing 200 million. VND from the bank to invest in the melon orchard. If the garden continues to give stable income as it is now, the debt is not a large amount, it can be paid off in a few years.

According to Tran Hoan


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